House shutters are an important addition to every home for both aesthetics and protection.  Window shutters add a dash of style to your home while also enabling natural air conditioning and ventilation. They are great for enhanced privacy and increase energy efficiency in your house. But what do you do with those old shutters? Whether they are wood, vinyl or aluminum shutters, it is advisable to reuse, re-purpose or recycle them instead of throwing them away. 

This article explores different creative ways of reusing your old window shutters. Keep reading.

Creative Ideas to Re-purpose Old Window Shutters

There are many reasons you might want to replace your window shutters.  With age and exposure to the elements, shutters deteriorate, fade, chip and break and this necessitates replacement. You might also have new ideas on your home’s decor thus necessitating replacement of the old shutters.  Whatever the reason for those shutters falling out favor, you should not throw them out.

Below are some awesome ideas to re-purpose those window shutters:

#1 Build Unique Bathroom Doors

Most shutter styles including louvered shutters, board and batten (B&B) and Bermuda (Bahama) shutters can make beautiful bathroom doors. The main purpose of a bathroom door is to provide privacy and with some simple DIY skills, you can turn wood, aluminum or vinyl shutters into a standout bathroom door. They not only add to the aesthetics but also serve the main purpose of providing privacy.

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#2 Succulent Planters

This is the last thing that would come to mind when thinking of creative ideas to re-purpose those old shutters. Well, home decorators say you can use old shutters to create planters for your favorite flowers on your outdoor space.

#3 Multi-purpose Organizer

There’s no need to buy a toilet paper organizer when you can make a stylish one from shutter panels.  You don’t need any special skills to turn a shutter panel into a wall organizer in your bathroom.  You can also hang towels and other items on this organizer and add a dash of class to the living space.  Your multi-purpose organizer can also work anywhere else in the house.

#4 Wall Decoration

Wood shutters give your home an antique feel and even when they age, they the panels retain this quality. This is one good reason to re-purpose shutter panels into beautiful wall art in your house. You can use them as frames for already existing artwork or re-purpose the panels as decorations in the house.

#5 Kitchen Shutter Rack

You always need extra space in your kitchen and even with wall cabinets; you can do with more room for storage. You can convert those old house shutters into beautiful art racks on your kitchen wall. With sturdy hooks, you can easily hand utensils to dry on the shutter rack. It is an easy and convenient alternative to ordinary racks.

#6 Rustic Outdoor Shutter Bench

Your outdoor space requires seating options and this gives you an opportunity to transform your old window shutters into rustic benches. Wood shutters are durable, sturdy and weather-resistant making them perfect for use as outdoor benches.

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#7 Family’s Command Center

Every organized family has an area in the house where all crucial items needed by the family can easily be located. From keys, pictures, cards to important emergency numbers you can build a command center using old shutter panels instead of throwing them away.

#8 Bathroom Shelf

You always need extra storage in the bathroom and a shutter shelf is thus a great idea. Use old shutter panels to build a two-wall shelf where all you can store your bathroom essentials. For a better aesthetic touch, you can paint the shelf to blend with the rest of your home’s decor.

#9 Shutter Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a great home addition to your living space as it adds storage space and when you use old shutters to build it, you will also add a sense of style to the room. 

#10 Vintage Shutters Photo Frame Display

You can turn your aged decorative shutters into an important part of your home’s decor by using them for photo frame display.  If you always wonder how best to display your family photos, why not re-purpose those old shutters into the perfect display point? You can also include other decorations to make this a focal point of your home’s decor.

#11 Shutter Headboards

Old house shutters can turn into magnificent headboards for your bed.  If you want an easy idea to spruce your bedroom and add a dash of style, paint the shutter panels a bright color and you will always love heading to bed.

The opportunities for re-purposing old window shutters are unlimited. From building shutter corner shelves, re-purposed living room table, vintage shutter hall tree with mirror, wreath decoration, shutter jewelry organizer, DIY outdoor welcome sign to a table centerpiece, you only have to let your creative juices flow.

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Benefits of Reusing Old Window Shutters

Most homeowners don’t give any thought to their old outdoor shutters and they lump them together with the rest of waste. This approach leads to more landfills in your city but which in turn affects the environment. Large quantities of fossil fuels go to transport and disposal of garbage in landfills which only leads to more damage to the environment. By reusing old decorative shutters you will achieve the following:

  • Contribute to environmental conservation through green living
  • Cut cost on home improvement as old shutters perform multiple functions around your house
  • Add a touch of classic style on your home’s decor using recycled wood shutters

If you have been looking for a great home improvement project, it is time to start working on those old shutters and turn them into something meaningful. You will not only make incredible stuff using the shutter panels but also contribute to environmental conversation. If you have always wanted to contribute to a sustainable environment, it is time to make the first step and it all starts with re-purposing those aged decorative shutters instead of throwing them out as trash.