Love playing video games and want to create the perfect space to facilitate this fun hobby? Don’t just settle for grabbing a controller and crashing on the couch. Instead, check out these five essential elements of the perfect gaming cave.

Keep it Comfy

Gamers who prefer to play by themselves usually prefer specialized gaming chairs, but those who like to have all their friends over to take part in the fun need to give more thought to seating. They can find one comfortable and surprisingly affordable solution in giant bean bag chairs. Buy some giant bean bags here and place them in areas that make it easy to see the screen.

Big Screen HDTV

Whether they’re playing console games or computer games, gamers will play better if they can see clearly what’s going on in front of them. Do some research and make sure that the TV is not just a high-quality model that offers a clear image, but one that is uniquely suited to meet gamers’ needs. Lag can completely ruin even the best game, so buy a model that features a “game mode” to combat lag.

Those who expect to play with friends should place their TVs appropriately. Make sure that the TV will be visible to everyone in the room.

Fiber-Optic Internet

There’s really only one option that stands out when it comes to avoiding service delays, and that’s fiber-optic communication. Fiber optic Internet offers fast, reliable, and consistent speed, making it easier to dodge bullets and escape enemies when playing online.

Most internet providers don’t offer fiber-optic connections and only around a quarter of the nation even has coverage. For those who have the choice, there’s no better option, though. Check out Verizon FiOS and Google Fiber for super-fast, fiber-optic connectivity.

Refreshment Center

There’s no need to include a full kitchen, but a small refreshment center can make a huge difference. Stock a mini-fridge with snacks and beverages, and make sure there’s enough to accommodate any friends that will be heading over to play or just to visit. They’ll appreciate a cold drink and a few snacks just as much as the gamers themselves.

To keep competitors on their toes, stay caffeinated as well as hydrated. Install a coffee pot right in the room or stock up on soda before big tournaments to keep energy levels up. While Mountain Dew is popular among gamers, not everybody loves it, so provide some options for visitors.

Surround Sound Headset

Whether they play PC games or console games, all serious gamers need serious gaming headsets. When choosing a headset, comfort and clear communication are the most important factors. Gamers should also look for a headset that offers sufficient sound isolation to ensure they can hear even subtle directional audio cues.

Do you wear glasses and are concerned about how it will impact things like comfort and clarity of sound? Think about investing in some velour pads for the headset. They’re cheap and ensure gamers who don’t have perfect vision won’t miss out on anything.

The Bottom Line

The perfect gamer cave should offer everything that gamers need to stay comfortable, hydrated, and happy while they play. They should also be able to accommodate guests because, let’s face it, long hours of gaming alone can get boring. It’s worth investing in high-quality equipment and comfortable furnishings, especially for those who plan to spend a lot of time online.