Having a great granny flat can expressively add value to your home along with providing the warm and comfortable place to live to your dear ones. However, when you think of granny flat building plans, make sure that you are incorporating all the important elements. Therefore, when decide to renovate or altogether go for a new granny flat building plans make sure that you follow these important tips in the process. Look for various factors such as storage, furniture, kitchen, bedroom, and other important elements when you contact the contractor for making granny flat building plans.

Here are a few tips to consider for Granny Flat Building Plans

Connecting Indoors and Outdoors

When you think of granny flat building plans be it three, two bedroom, or one bedroom, you need to make sure that whether you are opting for renovation or choosing the extension


The storage is important for any house and so it is for the granny flats. However, there are limitations with the space in granny flats and to make the most out of the same, it is important for you to make granny flat building plans. Always consider the storage option, as there is limited storage space. So, you can use storage space under bed, under bench or other.


Kitchen is the most essential part of any home structure. Therefore, you must pick the best furniture with modern design and contemporary looks to enjoy the meal together. You can check from a number of designs and styles to pick from. Besides, the best thing is that you can play with a number of designs to create a great ambience.

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Well, there are a few options to select from, right from lighting, floor, walls, and other things. In addition to that, there are several choices such as table, chair, couches, you can select for your granny flat building plans. They will make a great addition to the flats. Thus, you can enjoy your breakfast in the most modern and elegant way.

Play with Colours and Mirrors

You can bring forth your creativity and play with colours and mirrors simultaneously when you tend to plan out granny flat building plans. This will enable you to have the ambience and a look that is great for your flat. You can create natural light and have reflective lights from reflective mirrors. Besides, mirror gives the sense of endless depth and makes rooms appear bigger.

Pricing Factor

Apart from that, you must look into the factor that the granny flat building plans must include pricing factor too. You must carefully look into this aspect. However, it varies according to the bedroom whether it is 2, 3- or 1-bedroom designs. So, keeping your budget into consideration you must invest and check the pricing of the granny flats.

Additional Things

Apart from that, 3D walkthroughs are introduced in the latest plans of granny flat building plans. These are great for the furniture areas, lounges, and open spaces. It gives the enhanced look and makes the overall appearance of the flat amazingly beautiful. Thus, incorporating the 3D walkthroughs is a great option for your granny flats. Therefore, contact a granny flat contractor and get in touch with the contractor to get the best for yourself.

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Hence, you must consider the above mentioned tips when looking for the granny flat building plans. It is important to consider these facts, as you will get the best granny flat with all the facilities. In fact, you can go for customized granny flat services and altogether have a customized granny flat building plan for yourself.