In order to have an unrestricted view of your patio or outdoors, aluminum sliding doors are the go-to option. The user can open it in any direction. They are easy to use and provide comfort to the user. Different types of blinds and curtains can be attached to the sliding doors owing to its versatility. Often, tilted windows are too a part of these doors to allow fresh air to enter the house without having to open the entire door.

What Are the Different Types of Aluminum Sliding Doors Available in The Market?

#1. Bifold Doors – This is one of the most popular doors available in Australia. They unlock the entire wall for a better view of the outdoors. These kinds of doors are fashionable and offer a wide selection to the customers. They allow 2 to 7 doors configuration and are available up to 7 meters in length. These doors can be easily used for interior and peripheral uses, as well.

#2. Sliding Patio Doors – These doors are highly sophisticated with a huge glass area. These offer a great variety of choices to the customers regarding the options of blinds and curtains. Slanting windows can be a part of these doors for the ventilation of fresh air without opening the door.

Advantages of An Aluminum Sliding Door?

#1. Thermal Performance – Aluminum as a metal is a perfect thermal and sound insulator. Thermal insulation is better in an aluminum door than PVC or a timber door. Aluminum keeps heat in the house or office during winters and keeps the heat outside during summers. This makes aluminum sliding doors a great choice.

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#2. Low Maintenance – Aluminum is corrosion free and weather resistant which makes it a maintenance free sliding door. They do not break, crack, or swell easily which makes it another great point of owning this door. Unlike wooden doors, termites and other insects cannot damage it. Thus, prolongs the life of this product.

#3. Economical – Compared to the other options available in the market, this sliding door is cheap. They are 3 times stronger than the PVC and 4.3 times stronger than that of the wood. This adds to the benefit of owning this kind of a door since not only they are cheaper but also stronger.

#4. Flexibility in choices – The metal is versatile and allows all kinds of customization. Homeowners now do not have to worry about having only grey coloured doors but with the latest technology available, these doors can be customized according to the whims and fancies of the customers. So, you can opt for a door which matches the colour palette of your house or a specific shape you want the door to be of.

#5. Finishes- There are plenty of finishes available for aluminum sliding doors. They come in matte, pearl, metallic, solid, shiny, etc. finishes. So, the door of your house will not look like a door from medieval ages. It is sleek, fashionable, and appealing.

#6. Eco-Friendly – Compared to other metals in the market, this type is highly recyclable and environment-friendly. Only 5% of the initial energy is required to recycle it. It can be combined with fibre glass or the one made from plastics. The ecological footprint is minimum.

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Thus, aluminum sliding doors are becoming extremely popular in places of schools, residential blocks, and corporate houses because of its ability of light seepage. Not only does it look aesthetic but is also easy to maintain. The weather resistant and corrosion free benefits just makes it a popular choice among people. But the only thing to worry about is the fitting because ill-fitted aluminum sliding doors can lead to seepage.