Operating saws, grinders and other heavy duty power tools on an isolated work site requires a source of power. There are a wide range of generators you can choose to power your tools ranging from small and highly portable units to very large generators that can power multiple tools at once.

Choosing the best generator requires a lot of consideration and not just in terms of cost. You must consider capacity, portability and other factors including the type of fuel the generator will use to create power. The most popular choices are petrol or diesel powered generators. Each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and since fuel is a very important aspect of a generator, let’s take a look at these two popular choices and their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of a Petrol-Powered Generator

Petrol powered generators come in numerous shapes and sizes. Some of the advantages of a petrol-powered generator include the following;

  • They are ideal for a business or individual looking for efficient and reliable power generation at a reliable cost. That’s because petrol generators are relatively cheaper than diesel ones.
  • Petrol as a fuel may be affected by fluctuating prices but it remains cheaper than diesel.
  • Petro generators are also likely to run quieter than diesel generators. This is why they are useful when working in enclosed spaces or unfurnished buildings.
  • Petrol generators also tend to be lighter than their diesel counterparts and while this may not seem significant when buying the generator, it can be useful when moving the generator.

The disadvantages of petrol powered engines include the following;

  • Petrol generators use fuel less efficiently than diesel generators. This means regular refills that can cost more in the long run than the slightly more expensive diesel.
  • Petrol also tends to burn more fiercely than diesel. This will make the generator hotter and necessitating more repairs than a diesel engine.
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Pros and Cons of a Diesel-Powered Generator

If you are not sure that a petrol-powered generator is best for you, here’s a breakdown of the advantages of s diesel powered generator.

  • They are safer than petrol powered generators because diesel burns more efficiently and is less likely to get as hot.
  • Diesel powered generators are also more robustly built than petrol ones and are therefore more likely to last for longer.
  • The cost of operation is also significantly lower since diesel burns more efficiently and you won’t have to refuel as often.
  • Diesel is also less flammable; making these generators safer than petrol powered ones.

But diesel powered generators do have their disadvantages. These include;

  • They are more expensive to purchase than petrol generators even though they may be cheaper to run and maintain.
  • Because they are heavy duty, any required spare parts are more expensive.
  • They are also more sensitive to weather and high temperatures than petrol generators. For example, you may have trouble starting a diesel generator in cold weather.

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