Innovation and the construction industry have always been closely intertwined. New techniques, materials and design ideas have produced buildings and structures that couldn’t have been imagined in earlier times. The tech trends of 2022 focus on safety, efficiency and production. Let’s take a closer look at the new tech and trends we feel will help your construction business grow.

The use of 3D printers to make models of a building project is growing in the construction industry. They make it easier to spot issues that may occur in the real world, allowing them to be rectified before the actual build begins. Another tech idea to help visualize a construction project is Augmented Reality (AR). Special AR glasses show the wearer exactly what the build would look like at the actual build site. Drones can also be used to map the topography of a site, cutting down on surveying time and costs.

Although these tech innovations are helpful in construction, it is the software industry who is leading the way in making a construction business more efficient and profitable while giving business owners more time back. One of the leading software trends continuing into 2022 is estimating and construction management software.

Top companies like Buildxact have produced software with features that save you time, wins more bids and makes you money, yet is affordable and easy to use. There are many features that will help your construction business flourish in 2022, including:

  • Takeoffs, estimates and quotes – software can produce takeoffs 80% quicker. Blueprints can be uploaded, and the quantity takeoff can be performed straight from the drawings. Product photos can be added, and prices are taken direct from suppliers’ pricelists. The templates they offer help you produce accurate and professional quotes/estimates.
  • Scheduling and tracking – project management is made easy with software. Cost tracking, scheduling and budgets are all easily accessible.
  • Accounting – you can integrate your accounting software, such as MYOB or Quickbooks. No longer do you have to transfer data from one platform to another, saving time.
  • Dealer integration – you can connect your suppliers with the software, allowing real-time pricing and product management.
  • Communication – good software also offers a messaging platform, where all communication can be performed in the one place and easily pulled up and referred to when necessary. All the people involved in the project can be included, ensuring everyone knows what’s happening at the same time.
  • Easy access – cloud-based software allows you and your team to access the platform and all the information, documents, communications and contact information stored within the software. No matter where you are, if you have internet service and a smartphone, tablet, or computer the project documentation can be accessed.
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When it comes to top tech trends for 2022, the one that will help large construction companies, small builders, contractors and remodelers is estimating and construction management software. You can try the Buildxact version with a 14-day free trial or book a demo. It is the most accessible and affordable for your construction business.