Homeowners can improve the exterior look or curb appeal of their home for their own enjoyment or to make the home more saleable. There are some tried and true ways to improve curb appeal and there are newer more innovative projects to try. One of the best ways to make everything look better is a good cleaning. Pressure clean the house walls and roof. Clean the window glass. Pick up all the trash and haul it away. Trim shrubs and grass. Once the basics are done look at some innovative exterior improvements.

6 Proven Concepts For Exterior Home Decorating

There are at least six proven ways to decorate one’s home exterior to make it more appealing.

1. Consider using Window Tinting Films for privacy, to limit solar heat, to increase home security, to avoid furniture fading, and more. The new tinting films have etched in designs to make them attractive from the outside. These films allow you to see out while people on the outside can not see in.

2. Clean up the yard and exterior of the home. Use a pressure washer to clean the siding and roof. Repair the paint or repaint the whole house if the siding can be painted. Trim the shrubs and pull the weeds.

3. Concentrate of the front door and the area around it making a welcoming feature of the home. Consider painting the door an appealing color. Add a wreath and new hardware. The hardware can include the house number and door lock set. The mailbox and entry light fixtures are other possibilities.

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4. Low voltage or solar-powered landscape lighting is attractive and can add security and safety to the home and its landscaping. Driveways or paths can be lit for better appeal and visibility.

5. Add container gardens by the mailbox or along the front of the house. Replace or paint the mailbox and its post.

6. Take care of the lawn. Feed it, mow it, reseed it. Or hire a lawn care company to give you a hand in getting the lawn looking its best.

Additional Ways to Add Curb Appeal to the Home

Additional ways to add appeal to the home exterior can be as simple as cleaning existing gutters or getting a new gutter system installed to manage run-off water during storms. Improve the garage door by cleaning it, repairing it, painting or staining it, or replacing it. A new garage door can make a big impression. Look at every home feature and clean or repair features like windows and window screens, trim, light fixtures, fences and so on. Walk around the house looking at it like a visitor would.

Consider outdoor furniture. If you have outdoor furniture clean and repair it. If there is no outdoor furniture purchase enough to make an attractive conversation grouping for outdoor relaxing and entertaining.

The Total Look When all the improvements are in place, take a second look from the curb. Is anything out of place or in need of attention? Make sure the front of the house and the front lawn are as attractive as they can be made within the budget. An attractive, well-kept home exterior reflects the owner and the interior of the home. Let visitors and passers-by have a good impression.