Upgrade your island living experience by learning about these top 2022 outdoor living space trends for Honolulu, Hawaii. Getting the chilled-out, kicked-back vibes you desire, these design trends will bring your outdoor living space into modern times.

Hawaii’s stunning landscape and climate makes outdoor living an essential in any home which makes these upgrades worth the investment no matter your plans.

If you’re thinking of making upgrades to sell your home in Honolulu, Hawaii this summer, learn how to get a free home appraisal. Or maybe you’re wanting to fix up your outdoor space to enjoy yourself for years to come. Whatever your reasoning is for upgrading your outdoor living space, these top trends are sure to inspire you and your design.

Fabulous Function

On the islands space is often limited, this means that creating function in any and every nook and cranny on your property is essential. A trend for 2022 outdoor living is not focusing on entertaining outdoors, but rather honing-in on your daily function. Consider extending your patio space so you have more room for surf boards, or add some practical elements like outdoor Wi-Fi, lighting, and audio. Try creating an outdoor work-from-home space so you can complete your office work in all the beauty Hawaii has to offer.

Monochromatic Design

Our next Hawaiian outdoor living trend is adding sleek, monochromatic elements with playful island accents. Try integrating a light and bright look, and accenting with elements of saturated blues, browns, and greens. Nature inspired accent colors for both interior and exteriors in 2022 are trending, so take a deep dive into the tones of the islands and the ocean for inspiration.

Blend Living with Nature

Just as nature inspired tones are the color palette to strive for, so is blending nature and your outdoor living space into one. Aim to add natural elements such as rough rocks and groundcover so it tricks the eye into not knowing where true nature begins, and where your outdoor living space ends. Go for natural stone transitions, wood, and organic materials native to Hawaii for a seamless blend that allows the landscape to continue into your outdoor living space.

Textured Furniture

Flowing with the theme of integrating nature into your design, another outdoor living trend is to select outdoor furniture that not only delivers comfort and function, but also is made from nature materials. Think clean lines of warm-toned woods, or textured rattan.

Get Curvy

Our final outdoor living trend for 2022 is keeping in mind the curves. Select furniture that boasts curved lines to mimic the waves in the ocean. Think about chairs with curved backs, or a round dining or coffee table. Select lighting with a sphere design for a free-flowing vibe that brings relaxation and function to your space.

We hope you’ve found these top 2022 outdoor living space trends in Honolulu, Hawaii motivating, helpful, and most of all inspiring. Make the most of your outdoor living space when you are surrounded by the unmatched landscape that the islands have to offer.