Choosing a countertop can be a really difficult choice knowing that there are so many options to choose from. You have a wide variety of materials, and then different options for each material. It might seem useless to go through all that effort, but it is an important decision you have to make. Think of it like this, kitchen is the place where all your food to be, plus there is heat and moisture and you don’t want to stick to a material that would require too much of handling.

If you have jotted down the options and are considering marble as your kitchen top option then there are some points you should know.

The biggest flaw of having a marble kitchen top is that it is porous and hence vulnerable to staining agents. Which means, if you want the tops to look new for a long time, you would have to work hard for it it needs proper and regular cleaning. But it also has a simple solution to it you can have it sealed. Sealing can help you deal with its porous nature and prevent it from staining.

But is you can work through the additional work, they make a great choice for the kitchen. They come in so many designs and you can work out the design according to your style it is heat resilient which means it would make a good counter for your hot pans. Another benefit of having marble is that you can mix and match the variety and still have your budget in control they are pocket friendly and hence a very compatible choice.

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Most of the people that choose marble, stick to the classic white marble. In fact you would see white marble tops in most of the houses now a days. Reason it is a natural material and it comes in great variety. In addition to that it matches well with almost all kind of interior options. The thing about natural stones is they cannot be manipulated. They are diverse and you have to choose what goes best with your design, and if you are considering an engineered stone, it still wont match up to the level of the classic white marble.

Carrara marble

Carrara marble gets its name from the place of its origin. Carrara, Italy. It has a soft veining and has a blue-gray appearance, that what makes it different from Calacatta or Statuario marble. You can notice gray flecks and feathery lining on the white background. When compared to other marble, it has a more subtle appearance.

Calacatta marble

Coincidently, Calacatta marble also come from Carrara, Italy. To identify the marble, you can notice more dramatic gray and gold veining against the white background. It is considered a much bolder choice and gives a rather rick look to the place. There is no linear pattern to observe, and all you can see are the heavy veins that stand out from the plain, toned down background.

Statuario marble

Just like the Calacatta marble, their are gray and gold vein on the white. What makes a difference is that they are much striking and bold as compared to Calacatta.. it is considered one of the major white marbles and is an exclusive, rare find for the kitchen.

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Though the most preferred option, there is more to marble counter tops than plain white. Taupe, green, red and black are some of the options that you can consider for your home.

If you are still thinking of kitchen granite worktops, you might want to look into the advantages of marble and consider options for worktops for kitchen before finalizing one