Most of us have spent some time enviously clicking through pages on Pinterest, admiring the dream kitchens on view. Then we sit back and wish that the hub of our home could be just like that. The truth is that it may be easier than you think to turn your kitchen into a Pinterest-worthy style masterpiece.

You could start from scratch by having a bespoke kitchen designed and installed. Experts can work with you to help you get the kitchen you are looking for. They can advise you about which features are the most practical while providing a look which would definitely grace any Pinterest page. Alternatively, there are small changes you can make which can help turn your kitchen from lacklustre to photogenic.

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Making a statement with tiles

Tiles have been a staple of kitchens for decades, but that does not mean they are outdated. If you use tiles in the right way, they can make a real statement that helps your kitchen to stand out for the crowd. For instance, have you ever though of using tiles on an island? If you do not want to use tiles around the entire kitchen, stick to practical splash backs. They protect your walls from grease and are easy to clean.

The wonder of open shelving

Wall cabinets can look really bulky, especially in a small kitchen; they can also reduce the feeling of light in the room. Open shelving is often a better idea. If you do not want to keep everything out in the open, you can opt to make a feature of a small area of shelving. Reserve this area for storing items which you are likely to wash more often so that you can keep the shelving area looking pristine without it feeling as though you are making too much extra effort.

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Create a banquette area

Banquette seating is that upholstered bench seating that you often see in restaurants. Creating a dedicated dining nook using this type of seating is a great way of adding much needed seating space without taking up too much room. The area also adds a focal point to the room and provides a place for friends and family to hang out. You can even use lift top benches, so that they provide extra storage as well as looking great.

Keep handles simple

The key tip to remember when you are choosing handles for your kitchen cabinets is that they should not take the focus away from the overall effect of the cabinet. The best option is to choose simple, classic handles that can still catch the attention when someone opens a drawer or cabinet door.

Seating that complements rather than matches

There are many different designs of seating that you can have in a kitchen, including stools, benches and chairs. It’s fun to mix the styles together rather than have the same type of seating throughout. Be adventurous with your choices but keep the choice of material, or the colour scheme, in line so that the look comes together and does not jar.

Get rid of the default lighting

It’s all too easy to stick with the traditional style of lighting for a kitchen which is often pretty basic; certainly not Pinterest worthy. The thing is that feature lighting is not restricted to use in the living room or dining room of your home. Choosing a fabulous chandelier, or unusual pendant lighting, for your kitchen can make a huge impact. It’s a change that can create the wow factor.

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Clutter is not your friend

You will not see a kitchen on Pinterest with counter tops covered with mugs, dishes and an assortment of cooking utensils. No matter how many design changes your make, your kitchen is never going to be Pinterest-worthy if it’s full of clutter. If you have a small kitchen there are ways that you can create extra storage space so that counter tops can be left clear and tidy.

Invest in some greenery

Plants can add that finishing touch to your kitchen; even a couple placed strategically on shelving can make a difference. Another benefit from having plants around is that they help to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, and increase oxygen levels. This can make it easier to breathe. You can see that most kitchens can become Pinterest worthy, whether you make major design changes or you improve the look of the design you already have with some subtle differences.