Technological advancement has made the fulfilment of queer needs and demands possible, providing a varied range of probabilities in the spectrum of wants of the advancing population. Surveillance cameras are one of the boons that have given mankind an arena of advantageous assessment of activities of suspicious beings and have accounted for the widespread safety and protection.

How do CCTVs work?

The video is transmitted by CCTV using a closed circuit, which means that the video so recorded cannot be transmitted to an external device. The recorders and monitors are directly connected to the main monitor to provide access immediately to the footage that is recorded for security. Not only that, but the footage is also sent to a video recorder for future uses.

Being small and less showy, they can be placed anywhere for convenience and owing to the varied shapes and sizes, one can make it less obvious by placing the surveillance camera behind speakers or plants and other such places.

Like every scientific invention, it has its own advantages and disadvantages, where advantages outnumber, however.

  • Determent of crime: The very purpose with which surveillance cameras were invented was to deter criminal activities and to have substantial evidence of the crime. Installing a camera in the premises of a house or school or apartment or workplace, and keep it on, it would mark the recording of all the suspicious happenings outside. It can even be installed in a very discreet manner, and it will still record. This can help in keeping a record of theft or productivity or punctuality, whichever the case may be.
  • Easy monitoring: Security cameras come in varied shapes and sizes and it is as easy to install as it is to monitor. They can be placed anywhere, and they can be hidden whenever it is required whether in a plant or behind a photo frame, simply anywhere. Depending on the needs either hidden cameras or the mountable cameras can be purchased.
  • Solid evidence: Security cameras are great measures to gather solid evidence related to theft or any other activity arising suspicion. Modern surveillance cameras can not only record the video but also the voice, and this makes possible the gathering of a compilation of a series of events with flawless resolution and sound quality.
  • Decision-making: The monitoring of the incidents with the help of your security camera can give you an understanding of a situation and in not so serious cases where only subtle disputes are involved, one can arrive at a decision and a solution to make ends meet, at workplaces or school grounds or business area, whatever the situation demands for.
  • Hassle-free business: When installing in malls or shops, CCTV monitor the activities of buyers and employees and are the best solutions for the problem of kleptomania. They can even make up for counterfeited allegations made by customers and retain the honesty of the employees and can prevent theft by both customers and employees, as it substantiates with solid evidence.
  • Records are maintained: As already mentioned, they are very useful in monitoring incidents. Not only that, the technicalities have made the recording possible of the events for future purposes. It is these records that policemen seek for solving cases like theft, murder, and so on. With the installation of CCTVs at the traffic signals, police can even keep records of the vehicles that are migrating in the native region and men on the streets that track them to the criminals.
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Although surveillance cameras are used these days for dishonest activities like destructing privacy by keeping trail rooms under surveillance, they have satisfied the main purpose of deterring crime, and continue to do so.

If used with a little discretion, they can prevent accidents, bring real criminals to the forefront and protect the common man, in ways more than one.