Window treatment is one of the greatest albeit overlooked home improvement ideas you can implement.  You see, windows form an important part of your home’s interior and exterior décor. Poorly treated windows become an eyesore and ruin the whole décor outlay. On the other hand, well treated your windows become the focal point of your home’s décor. While there are many ways of improving the appearance of your windows, shutters remain the most popular and for many good reasons. Stylish shutters turn an otherwise plain looking window into an aesthetic centerpiece of your home’s décor. Shutters also protect against bad weather while also improving privacy. By installing shutters, you can also cut the cost of air conditioning and ventilation by allowing in natural light and air. Wood and faux wood shutters are the most popular in the market and you have to choose between the two.  This article highlights the advantages of choosing faux wood instead of wood shutters. Read on.

What is Faux Wood?

Faux wood is a manufactured material which imitates the look and feel of natural wood. With advances in the construction industry, manufacturers now use faux wood materials to meet the insatiable demand for wood materials.  This is a combination of vinyl polymers which create a long-lasting material which is also easy to maintain. As concerns of over-exploitation of trees continue, there is a need to look for alternatives in building and construction and hence the popularity of faux wood.


Reasons to Choose Faux Wood Shutters

Below are a few of the reasons you should opt for faux wood shutters:

#1 Ease of Installation

While real wood shutters are beautiful and offer a classic touch to your home, they are also heavy and clumsy to handle. This becomes a big concern during installation and even when operating the shutters. Faux shutters, on the other hand, are lightweight and easy to lift and mount and this saves you time and money that would have gone to labor. Any homeowner can carry out a DIY project for these shutters.

#2 Durability

Choosing natural wood for shutters might look like a good idea but that’s until after some time. While they come treated with chemicals to protect against weather elements, they eventually deteriorate. This is a problem that faux wood can handle easily. These shutters are not only stronger than wood shutters but also durable owing to their composite materials. They feature a reinforced interior designed which prevents warping and guarantees a long life for your shutters.

#3 Easy Maintenance

When thinking of any home improvement idea, you should think long term. With window shutters, you have to think about maintenance because these fixtures are always in use and face exposure to the elements. Faux wood is a good material for shutters because the solid-core composite material has a special finish that is waterproof thus protecting your shutters for life. These shutters can face exposure to moisture, heat, and ultraviolet rays without any deterioration and with no special treatment required unlike for wooden shutters.

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#4 Versatile Styling

Faux wood is an easy material to work with because it is flexible making it easy to build any shutter style you have in mind. You can now find different shutter profiles made of faux wood and there’s no reason not to give your home some sprucing.  Whether you want the popular café style, louver or plantation shutter style for your home, it is now possible to achieve it using the faux wood material.

#5 Multi-purpose Function

There are many reasons to install window shutters including privacy, security, natural lighting/ventilation and aesthetics. With faux wood shutters, you can achieve all these functions at the same time because the shutters are flexible, easy to use/operate and durable/sturdy.  They are also beautiful and can work with any architectural style to add that desired aesthetic appeal. Faux wood is also a good material in noise reduction, energy efficiency and light control.

#6 Affordability

Wood materials have become scarce over the years and this has, in turn, led to higher prices. If you want to improve your home, the cost is one of the things to consider and you have to look for more affordable materials without compromising your ideas. With faux wood, you can now achieve that classic look of wood in your window shutters at a lower cost compared to natural wood shutters. The money saved on the shutters can go into other home improvement projects.

#7 Warranty

Now that faux wood is a manufactured material, any product made using the same will come with some warranty. Such warranty is not easy to find with wood fixtures. Some manufacturers will give a lifetime warranty or over 20 years warranty with their faux wood shutters and this will give you peace of mind knowing there are no repair costs along the way. Better still, you can save on such repairs by calling the manufacturer in case of any damage to the shutters. When you choose faux wood for your exterior shutters, you have a guarantee of the quality of the product you want to install in your home.

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#8 Eco-Friendly Living

As a homeowner, you have a role in conserving the environment by choosing recyclable materials. With faux wood, you will do your part in curtailing deforestation. This material has gone a long way in reducing the percentage of trees felled for construction purposes. The material is safe and has no emissions making it ideal for both homes and offices.

There is no denying faux wood shutters have revolutionized home design.  These shutters have the edge over wooden shutters because they are multi-purpose, easy to install and maintain, eco-friendly, cost-friendly and safe. If you want to give your windows some treatment, these shutters will do the trick. You have multiple designs of shutters to choose from and they will help you save on energy bills over time. Look for products that come with a long warranty, fire-retardant guarantee, GREENGUARD Gold Certification, child-safe design and an excellent finish. Go on and leverage the unlimited benefits of these window shutters to make your home great again.