With so many festivals right around the corner, there is so much that you must be thinking of doing. There is so much of shopping to be done, gifts to be brought, cards to be send. But most of all, there is the house decoration to be planned for. Prepping up the house for the festivities can be really interesting and also very hectic. But planning everything during the season can be fun and here are simple things that you can do while planning the festivities at your home.

Simple ways to give the house a special touch for special occasions


Let’s be real, lighting up the house is the first thing that comes to the mind while preparing for any sorts of celebration. Be it an indoor space or an outdoor space, it is an important and an effective way to decorate up the space. You can light up the fairy lights and also have hanging lanterns to add to the feel. Keeping candles in old jam jars are one of the latest trends in party decors and you might want to try that. In fact, it can help you create different loops around the corner to give a full party look.  Hanging lights and lanterns from branches at different heights can be used to light up the garden.

How to Decorate Your Home for Festivals and Ceremonies

Have a buffet system

Second most important part about the festivities other than the gathering is the food. People look forward to the food during the celebrations. To make the festivities even more exciting, you might want to add a special touch to the menu. You can have a buffet system so that the guests feel more comfortable. It is also a good way for them to interact with other guests and conversations happen over food. Keep multiple options, it looks nice to have a counter full of special delicacies during such occasions.

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A bar section

As you are preparing the list of the food items that you are going to serve the guests, you might also want to have a look at the drinks options. Serving fresh lime, or cola or some fruit mix cocktails can be super cool and if served in a nice manner also help create a good impression for you. People don’t like sitting idle at such gathering and since it is the time of the festivals, they love the idea of getting such things served to them. It helps that relax and get in the mood for celebrations.

Flower arrangement

Another thing that can give an entirely different look to your home during the festivals is the flower arrangement. Place different kind of flowers around the corners of the house. Set them in the vase in the living room, on the center table or add them near the windows. They instantly change the feel of the room and makes the house look more lively and welcoming.

Set the scene

You know the occasion you are celebrating. Add decorations according to it. If are are having trouble in deciding what that is, look for an event organization company and take their help as you decide the theme. It is better to work around a theme than to randomly throw decorations around the house.

But one thing that you must keep in mind is that festivals and other such occasions are the time to relax and have fun with your loved ones. So whatever you do, make sure your enjoy it.

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