Kitchens can turn out to be a very special corner of the house. It is not only the nook where you perform the most important task of preparing food, but it is also the place where you and your family come together at the end of a long day and chitchat with your visitors once in a while.

Naturally, you want to ensure that your kitchen brings forth a great source of aesthetics so that the hearth of your home can turn out to be a great source of pride for you. But for that you don’t have to break the bank.

Now you can endow on your kitchen a great new look without spending hundreds and thousands of money. All you need are a whiff of creativity, an eye for detail and some basic tools. Here are some fabulous kitchen ideas that are sure to enhance your kitchen to augment your kitchen aesthetics and creativity to a great extent.

Just have a look.

  1. Mix and Match Countertops
    Not all the surfaces have to be the same. The wooden counterparts are easy-to-installation and are quite reasonably priced and can add a ton of character to your kitchen. You can organize countertops that are reasonably priced and easy to install. You can go for a stand-alone prep area or do the entire kitchen.
  2. Go for Hooks Inside the Cabinets –
    Utilize the inside panel of the kitchen cupboard and cabinet doors. They can hold the covers of the cooking pans and pots as well as the towels. If you can attach a stainless plastic or wooden hook on the surface, it can also accommodate your cutting board and other kitchen utensils.
  3. Open Shelves –
    As you can see more of the walls of the kitchen, the open shelves add virtual space to your kitchen. You should think creatively when designing the shelving. You can use the galvanized metal pipes for offering an industrial look to your kitchen.
  4. Pull-Out-Drawers Under the Sink
    You can have a look under the kitchen sink and judge how much space there is. If you know a little amount of carpentry, then you can make use of a pull-out drawer that opens automatically as the door of the sink opens. But you should ensure to provide optimum water-proofing to this area as the place can get pretty much damp.
  5. Use the Wall Space
    You can incorporate the storage into the walls and backsplash. Apart from the pre-made shelves, many retailers also sell hooks, rails and racks that will hold all sorts of kitchen gadgets.
  6. Storage of Spice Jars
    Drill the holes that can fit the small-sized jars onto the walls. For example, if you have spice jars that are 4 inches wide, you have to create several holes that are 4 inches of diameter each in order to fit your spice jars. Or you can also ask a carpenter for making a framed box with holes for your spice jars. You simply have to attach these to the wall and now you have beautiful and functional wall décor. Apart from that, you can also find out which one is pepper, turmeric, paprika, cumin, fennel seeds and others on the wall.
  7. Go for Metal Pipe Hanging Storage
    If you have got a messy countertop then you can use a long metal pipe for the entire length of the countertop along with the hang trays that you can hold to store the bottles, kitchen utensils, condiments and even ingredients that you can seldom use. Now you can use the countertop space for all your culinary skills.
  8. Go for a New Faucet
    A new faucet fixture can give your kitchen what it is lacking. You can make this a first-time plumbing project for yourself. You just have to be careful to shut off the water valves and implement the instructions carefully.
  9. Kitchen Utensil Organization
    You should take time out for organizing your kitchen utensils. You will be amazed at how much space can be saved if you want to organize the things properly. You can optimize the space by positioning the kitchen utensils and other essentials in a way that utilize the space as much as possible.
  10. Go for Tin Tile Backsplash
    This will cost you no more than 100 dollars. Tin tile splashbacks have many advantages – They are easy to clean, possess reflective properties that make the space look larger and come in a variety of finishes to match the kitchen’s fixtures and hardware.
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Apart from the above, you can also go for kitchen granite worktops that can accentuate your kitchen space and can enhance its functionality to a great extent. You can try all these tips to give your kitchen the much-coveted refurbishment without breaking the bank.