If you are planning to tie the knot in the lap of nature, then you may have already started to research about the tents.  Couples, these days, more than often opt for these lofty canopies for being prepared for the uncontrollable weather. But they are much more than an after-thought of weather issues.

With the help of professional planners, brides can deck up the blank canvas of their wedding tent with remarkable chandeliers, stunning lanterns or cascading floral installations and other astounding accents.  The result is that the tents become the central part of the entire reception décor.

Tent Decorating Tips for Weddings

So here are some of the major tent decorating tips that can help you to create the perfect ambience for your wedding. Just read on.

  • All-White Wedding Tent – Are you dreaming of an elegant wedding? Then a remarkably pretty, all-white tent happens to be a must. If you are using just one type of flowers with lots of greenery you must buy the flowers in bulk. This will be beneficial for the florist as well as on your wallet.
  • Macramé Entry – Are you thinking of throwing a bohemian party? Then add an entryway to the wedding tent by setting up a macramé arch that is flanked with cacti. This will setup the mood and tone for what awaits inside for the guests.
  • Lanterns and Birch for Fun Accessories– You can bring the outdoors inside by using the birch trees as support beams and for a rustic touch add the paper lanterns. If you are opting for a sailcloth tent you should play up the beauty of the ceiling with exclusive lanterns like the ones inspired by the Moroccan style.
  • Rustic Elegant Setting – Pairing up the prettiest peonies and the rustic tent happens to be a winning condition. But you should add all the natural green garlands to the wedding tent. This way you will get a naturally dreamy farm venue. You should also leave lots of open space for the dance floor.
  • Colour-Blocked Dance Floor – A black and white square dance floor brings a bit of a retro glamour to an otherwise white tent. The creative pattern for sure beats the generic linoleum, in this case.
  • Organic Greenhouse Wedding Ambience – You can try something different with the clear wedding tent that incorporates metallic chairs and light bulbs. You can easily channel the inner garden goddess by keeping the things modern, fresh and relaxed. For your guests you can add mini herb gardens on the tables that the guest can take back home as party favours once the party is done with.
  • Decorate with the Swings –You can arrange for two adjacent swings that can be hung with the vine-wrapped ropes. These are a fun addition to the sheltered lounge. They also serve as the pretty spots for photos.
  • Add a Cozy Rug – Who calls for a dance floor when you can easily throw down a rug. You can add a vintage or Moroccan beauty to the rental wish list to recreate the idea.
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Tent Decorating Tips for Weddings

Apart from the above for setting up the perfect ambience you have to get the apt décor and furniture pieces. For that you can opt for furniture hire that will help to create the picture-perfect mood for your tent wedding that will be etched in the hearts of yours as well as your attendees for years together.