A home without a pet does not feel like home for the pet lovers. As home owners are often torn between keeping their homes intact and ensuring the safety of their pets, home decors and architecture plans are embracing a whole lot of smartly integrated products and designs that permit both functionality and aesthetics at the same time.

So you no longer have to compromise your sense of style for accommodating your four-legged friends. All you have to do is consider how you want to live so that your pets also have a house to live comfortably. Then all you need to do is furnish and design your space just the way you want.

If animals are part of your family, you are bound to make some essential design decisions.

Here are some interior designing decisions that you can embrace for making your place pet-friendly. Just take a look.

  1. Go for a Pet Coffee Table-Cum-Bed – A pet furniture incorporated in a modern design is one thing that is most coveted by most pet lovers. So you can opt for a coffee table-cum-dog/cat bed hybrid that fulfils this function. You should choose beach wood veneer that comes with attractive expresso finish for this piece. Such a coffee table will gel greatly into most of the modern interiors. Simultaneously, it will also offer a space-saving and safe means for your pet to relax and sleep.
  2. Choose the Floors that Are Durable – In order to keep the pet-occupied rooms in the tip-top position, you need a hard surface flooring.       That is why the sturdy surfaces like the stone, laminate flooring or ceramic tiles can be easier to keep stain-free and clean than the carpet.  In hot weather, such floors also remain cooler. This is an important consideration for the pets with long or thick fur. The polished tiles or planks can also be a bit slippery especially for the older dogs. For safety sake, you may have to add the rubber mats or area rugs.
  3. Make Use of the Nooks – This section of the cabinets, dining tables and corners often overlook an urban setting. But for your four-legged friends, these spaces make great homes. The dog can simply snuggle inside the nooks be it in the bedroom, living room or even in the study. So transforming the storage space in the form of cut-outs is a great way for ensuring your pet has access to sufficient number of cost corners in your place.
  4. Design a Rock-Together Chair for Your Pet – With the help of milled birch plywood you can create a rocking chair that you can enjoy with your pet. All you have to do is keep a space for a blanket or bed underneath for your pet. It will be a snug place for the little pet to have some shut eye.
  5. Opt for a Designer Dog House – You can now easily opt for the durable, lightweight, waterproof and nontoxic material made, fully customisable homes for your dogs. They are available in a plethora of sizes and are portable. These houses can easily be packed flat and can be assembled without tools. This way you can take your pup’s home on the road.
  6. Keep the Small Treats Handy – Each and every pet be it a dog or cat loves to indulge in a little playtime. And when they are exhausted after running around the compact homes, they start to gnaw the table-cloth, rugs, books and other items that they find to lay around.  Hence it is always advisable to keep the small treats like the knot ropes, balls and chew toys around the apartment. This way your pet will have plenty of the items to gnaw on.
  7. Choose Upholstery Fabrics Carefully – You should think carefully about the fabrics that you choose and introspect what chances they have to gather fur. You should avoid the fabrics that act like magnets for the pet hair like mohair, velvet, velour, corduroy or chenille. You should steer clear of the materials that can be damaged by your pet. Instead you should opt for the leathers, tapestries and the synthetic fibres. You should invest in the quality textiles that can withstand the attack of the claws.
  8. Customise the Kitchen Design – You should customise the kitchen to accommodate your pets. For that, you can create a customisable feeding area for your clawed pal. You can opt for an integrated drawer with built-in bowls that can ensure that it can access the bowls at the dinner time. This way you can keep the bowls handy for the pets as well as protect the kitchen floor from tripping hazards.
  9. Pamper Your Pet with a Sanitation Spot – You can create a small sanitation spot in your home for your pet. This can be part of the bathroom, as well. This will ensure that your pet does not shed on the clothes or furniture pieces. Remember that less clutter and plenty of peeping opportunities to the outside world help any pet to settle down.
  10. Opt for an Animal Room Entry-Space – The humans are capable of having mudrooms where we can clean the muddy shoes and the outdoor gears. The same style of space can be used by the animals. In order to clean up your dog or cat when they return from outside you can close off a room.  You can also leave the pets there when you go outside so that they do not have an accident on the rug or claw the furniture.
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The above are some of the pet-friendly home interior décor options that will enable your four-legged friends live comfortably in your space like their own abodes and also make it easier for you to take care of them in the best way possible.