Rain gutters are necessary for most types of housing. So if you are wondering whether your home really needs guttering, stop right there!  Don’t even consider foregoing your rain gutters because it is essential to have them, even if it is not strictly required by law.

Rain gutters are there to protect your property. If there are no gutters in place or your guttering system is blocked or damaged, your property will suffer as a result. Water only flows downwards so it will enter the fabric of your building and penetrate deep into the foundations causing damp and structural damage.

A guttering system features three parts; the guttering which catches the water as it flows down from the roof , the down pipe which then directs the water downward and the drain which enables the water to be safely carried away to the storm drain,  far away from your property. All these parts are equally important.

rain gutters
rain gutters

So how does storm water damage your property?

If there is no guttering system in place, when it rains heavily, the water naturally forms into pools around your property. As the water penetrates downwards and soaks into your foundations it can cause cracks, bowing and structural damage. If you have a basement this is very noticeable as the area could easily flood.

Without gutters, a heavy storm will leave the area around your home flooded and under water. The water will sit on concrete and paved areas making your home surroundings unpleasant and wet, potentially ruining exterior fixtures and ruining your garden as it runs off the roof straight onto the exterior of your property.

rain gutters
damp house

A house with no guttering in place is a damp house

If your home lacks guttering and a down pipe it means that when it rains, the water will soak into the fabric of your walls. This damp can then permeate through the building causing interior damp which can leave damp patches and cause paint and interior decoration to suffer deterioration.  

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Damp leaves a distinctive odor and can help the formation of dangerous types of fungus such Dry Rot. This common fungal infection of timber thrives in areas of damp and poor ventilation and is often caused by defective guttering.

rain gutters
Rain gutters

Rain gutters are important even in areas which experience low rainfall

In our rapidly changing climate, we can no longer rely that a previously dry area will stay that way.  Soalthough some homeowners may decide not to bother installing gutters because they live in a dry area, this is a mistake. Without gutters, it means that when it does rain, the effects can be catastrophic. Even a light rain storm will lead to flooding, potentially damaging your property and making life uncomfortable until the water eventually dries out.

Although rain gutters are not mandatory by law, architects and building professionals agree that rain gutters really are necessary on a normal single family house. This is one household fixture you really cannot do without!

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