For your home to reflect a special type of personality or style, simply framing your windows with attractive curtains and drapes can get much of the job done. Curtains and drapes are essential items for your living room since without them, your space stands to look bare, drab, or uninteresting.

If you’re not sure how to choose the right curtain for your living room, this is the place to start learning. Here are tips to help you in your curtain selection.

Living Room

1. Determine its purpose.

The effect you want to achieve around your living space will dictate whether you should go for light, sheer curtains or heavy, lined drapes. Curtains are mostly used as a decorative piece around windows in casual settings since they add an element of color to a room, while drapes are more multi-functional and can make your space look more formal.

Since drapes have lining – that extra piece of fabric covering the curtain – you can use them to block light from coming into your living room or control the amount of cold or heat that passes through, depending on the type of lining material used.

2. Think of the shelf life of your choice fabric.

Not all fabrics can withstand time, and you’ll want something that can prolong the life of your curtains. The general rule is that fabrics with a high thread count are more durable than other fabrics.

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Polyester curtains are durable and don’t easily shrink or stretch despite repeated washing. They come in a wide range of colors, which can work well especially if you need dark-colored ones to hide stains made by children in the household.

Silk curtains can be a good choice, too, especially if you go for faux silk. Faux silk is easier to launder and doesn’t deteriorate as quickly as genuine silk.

Meanwhile, curtains made of wool are strong enough to hold embellishments for your curtain, such as tassels and fringe.

3. Follow prescribed size and length.

Curtains have to be at least double the width of the window, and this applies even if you intend to have them drawn or closed most of the time. By making your curtains wide enough, you can use the extra fabric to cover your window pane as well as achieve a gathered look on the sides for when you draw your curtains back.

As for length, it can go either way. You can have your curtains hang from floor to ceiling to create a clean, streamlined look around the living room. Alternatively, you can extend your curtains a few inches longer at the bottom, so they puddle on the floor to add more drama to the scene. If you have smaller windows, you also have the option to use curtains that end at the sill.

Whatever way you choose, it’s always safer to buy or order curtains that are longer and have them hemmed once you’ve figured out the best length for your curtains.

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Living Room

4.  Match your curtains to your home décor.

It’s way easier and cost-effective to match your curtains to your current home décor instead of doing it the other way around. That said, here’s how you can select a new set of curtains to accomplish a coordinated look around your living room area:

  • On prints and patterns: Use printed curtains if most of your living room furnishings, such as the couch or decorative pillows, is in solid colors. Curtains with quirky prints and geometric patterns can spruce up a contemporary living space, while floral-printed curtains complement modern classic and traditional home décor.
  • On colors: Sync your curtain color in a way that either harmonizes or contrasts your décor. Choose a complementary color for your curtains, walls, and other décor to help you accomplish a relaxing atmosphere, but go with a contrasting curtain color if you want people to focus their attention to your curtains or drapes.

In a Nutshell

When choosing curtains for your living room, it’s advisable that you pay the same amount of attention to both aesthetics and functionality. It’s when you combine style and practicality that you can best provide a fun and comfortable way of living for your family and loved ones.