Birthdays are special. Every year it gives an opportunity to bring together friends and families. But throwing a successful birthday party is not a cakewalk according to most people.

This is because they think only a ravishing get-together at a high-class venue with extravagant arrangement can lead up to a great and enjoyable party.

But that is not the case.  Even a simple birthday party at your home can win over the hearts of the attendees. So if you want to go for simple, low-budget and tight-fisted wedding party, here are some of the amazing and simple decoration ideas to make it a success without making a dent in your pocket. Just read on.

  1. Opt for the Rainbow Coloured Flowers – For this you need to use glasses of a variety of sizes and food colouring. You should soak the original flower stalk or the flower of the creole paper and the simple birthday decorations of the rainbow flowers are ready.
  2. Streamers and Garlands – You can wind, twist, braid and curl the crepe paper. You can save a lot of money with this affordable and versatile party material. A homemade banner can pack a big decorative punch for you. Even a simple decorative idea can be used for year after year in this case.
  3. Ice-cream Balloons – Balloons with accents that are funnel-shaped are something that can go a long way that wont drain much of your time and the results are even sweeter than you think.
  4. Edible Landscape on Fancy Table – You can enliven the snack table with a few simple steps and that too with simple delectable food. For this you have to first cover the table with butcher paper and paint it into a cute buffet table. According to the bowls and platters you should plan the masterpiece out. The pizzas can make for great wheels and the liners of silicon cupcakes perfectly work as caterpillar cookie spots.
  5. Confetti Glass – The confetti glasses can easily be found as simple memorable birthday decorations. You should use the empty glasses and jars that are usually large in size and then fill that up with existing décors.
  6. Garland of the Birthday Boy/Girl – You can take the photo of the birthday host and make a beautiful wall-hanging in the form of a garland. It can add an intimate feeling to the entire party setup.
  7. Go for Simple-coloured Centrepieces – You should take a beautiful coloured paint preferably any of one or two pastel colours like pink, beige etc. to colour the inside of the glass jars. Then you can choose the bright-coloured original flowers to add a feminine touch to your décor.
  8. Use Cupcake Bases – You can sew the cupcake bases together with the help of a thick needle and make this simple craft a part of the birthday décor. This will accentuate the interiors manifolds.
  9. Dessert Table – You can put a dessert table as a simple birthday décor to be the centre of attention for the party.
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Apart from the above, in order to save on you pocket, you can also opt for chair hire to enhance the seating arrangements in case you do not have comfy seats for all your attendees. The above are some of the simple birthday decoration ideas that you can try for throwing a fun-filled birthday party for your loved one that all will enjoy to the core.