Part of owning a house is making sure that its aesthetics – inside and out – are up to date. Even though you are not planning to list your property soon, there is a strong and practical reason why keeping your house visually pleasing is necessary. Aside from your house’s location, pollution level in the area, crime statistics in your neighborhood, your home’s aesthetics is one of the top factors that affect its value in the long run.

Aesthetics are the very first thing that people notice and consider prior to purchasing a home. Your choice of color, theme, layout, and style in every rooms and corner of your property will significantly affect the decision of a potential buyer when it comes for you to sell your house. They might find some deal-breakers such as rusty door hardware, overgrown shrubs in the backyard, outdated archways, and chipped paint on the ceiling. By updating your house from time to time, you can fix and patch these eyesores and make your property look like new again, and thus increasing your chance of selling it with a higher price tag.

Aside from increasing its market value, another logical reason why timely home renovation is important is that it ensures a comfortable and enjoyable daily living. If you are already dissatisfied with how your house looks, then it is time for some change. Bear in mind that you should not renovate your home just for the sake of increasing its value, as this will leave you living in a house that does not feel like a home anymore. When renovating your house, you must consider how it will make your life more comfortable first before thinking of how it will make your house more attractive to prospective buyers in the future.


That is why it is extremely important that you understand the difference between renovating vs over improving your home. While renovation can enhance the aesthetics and market value of your home, over improving can make your home less attractive to potential buyers and more expensive to maintain in the long run. Example of over-improving include adding a swimming pool in a home located in a place with cooler climates, turning a double bedroom and two single bedrooms into two doubles, astroturfing the lawn, and making the entire ground floor totally open-plan which leaves no “quiet” area

With the right planning and guidance from a reliable home renovation contractor, you can avoid improving your home and make it more attractive and comfortable to live in than ever before. And when you finally decided to initiate a home renovation project, the first aspect of your house where you should definitely start is its exterior. To further discuss the topic, here are the key takeaways of the infographic below from All County Exteriors which detail the benefits of renovating your home’s exterior.

  1. Increase your house’s aesthetics and appeal
  2. Decreased home maintenance
  3. Improved security and safety
  4. Increased property value and curb appeal
  5. Save money on utilities

Learn more about these benefits of home exterior renovation by checking out the infographic below.

Home Exterior Renovation