Smart homes are called smart for a reason. Helping to automate the mundane, smart home tools are designed to simplify processes, making your daily living easier and more manageable.

In fact, that’s point number one – smart home tools are there for our convenience. They also use digital intelligence riding off the back of electronics, meaning smart home appliances connect with others, for example flicking a switch on a gadget somewhere. Shall we start with our least favourite task, vacuuming the floor?

Start With an Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner

The most basic vacuum robots wander around avoiding obstructions, with the theory being eventually they cover the whole area, while you can also program smarter robots with the layout of your house.

You just need to be careful on one tiny detail – smart vacuum cleaners suck up anything and everything they find. They can’t tell the difference between a smartphone sim card and a piece of broccoli you slipped under the table, so be aware of this before you command your ‘Alexa’ to clean the house!

Automating the Ambient Lighting Would Be Smarter

Automating window curtains and blinds to open and close at set times according to the season takes away the drudge and brings our home under our control. Lights can also be set to work in harmony with this, meaning you can always achieve ambient lighting at both day and night.


Our all-time favourite is automated lights in the garden that illuminate softly at dusk, suggesting a candlelit dinner. Let the drapes close when you head to bed for the night and let your automation be your alarm clock at dawn when they silently open again in the morning.

Smart Security Cameras for More than Just Security

Smart security cameras are valuable tools in ensuring the safety of your home, however beyond this they are useful for monitoring a number of other important things. Keeping an eye on the kids while you’re off running errands is more straightforward than ever before, with smart home cameras being able to be linked to check from the convenience of an app. Even smaller things like did the council empty the wheelie bin or did the neighbour’s dog push it over first? This is one gadget every smart home owner should have. 

Intelligent Appliances Save You Money

One of the greatest benefits of having a house with smart home capabilities is being able to control appliances remotely. For things like heating this means that you can turn the heating down if you happen to be unexpectedly delayed or up in time for the house to be warm upon your return from work. This allows you to effortlessly save on your energy usage, allowing you to not only be greener but to moreover save money on your energy consumption.

Likewise, connecting appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer within your smart home means that you can save on energy consumption through these automating these appliances to only come on when absolutely necessary too.

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Hey It’s Christmas – Can I Turn On the Lights?

Of course you can. It’s holiday season and time to party. Moreover nowadays Christmas lights are amazingly intelligent, and you can control them from your phone. Imagine seeing the Christmas decorations light up on the roof, while watching your neighbour’s envious glances on your phone.

Did you know you can make a smart-internet connected Christmas tree that program the twinkly lights and turn on the music as Santa delivers the Christmas gifts? The kids will be out of their beds in a flash by which time you will be ‘fast asleep’ again.