After all, with time and usage, the bathroom needs a facelift. The idea is not just to redo the floors or the walls, but also introduce the new technologies and outstanding bathroom fixtures and fittings.

But it is essential to know if your bathroom really needs a facelift. Well, here are some signs that you need to renovate your bathroom.

  • You might feel that the bathroom arrangement is not ideal, and you need to do something about the wrong arrangement.
  • You might not be happy about the décor and are not very enthusiastic about friends, and the family using the bathroom space.
  • Your family needs are changing, and there are complaints. You want the bathroom space to be a relaxing place, not a cramped one.
  • You can see the obvious damage in your bathroom. The fittings are rusting, tiles are cracked or falling out, or there is water damage to the walls or the ceiling.
  • You are planning to sell your home but feel that the downgraded bathroom will lower h the value of your home in the real estate. Even simple upgrades can add extra value to your home.

Well, if you agree with the above, your bathroom needs a makeover. Once you decide that your bathroom needs a renovation you will need to figure out the cost. More importantly, plan and ensure that the project runs smoothly. Decide on what you want and your budget before calling in an expert for the bathroom renovation.

New bathrooms don’t come cheap, and the bathroom renovation can be expensive. And you cannot keep delaying the improvement just because of the costs involved. The average price of renovating a midrange bathroom is about $20,000, and the costs can go higher depending on where you stay and what kind of fixtures and amenities you go for. For example, if you are thinking of getting a high-end renovation for the bathroom, the costs can go beyond$60,000 on average!

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Well, thanks to the experts, there is good news for those toying with the idea of bathroom renovations. There is no need to break the bank for your bathroom. You can keep the costs down provided you follow some useful tips and recommendations from the designers and professionals.

  • Avoid using too much of tiles as tiles tend to be expensive. So, limit their use, and you can use tiles as a border.
  • Repainting is cheaper and one of the most
  • If possible, avoid a medicine cabinet and go for a simple decorative mirror. You will end up getting a more spacious bathroom.
  • Instead of replacing your tub and shower have it professionally reline.
  • Don’t change the pipping if it is in good condition and don’t relocate your bathroom utilities like bathtub it will cost you big.
  • Browse the local flea market where you can shop for some unique and distinctive elements that are just perfect for your bathroom renovation. Add a new character and dimension to your bathroom.
  • While undertaking bathroom renovation most people tend to focus on saving the costs of material and often tend to ignore the labor costs. Keep in mind that the labor would cost you about 40% of the whole budget so start looking for cheaper labor.
  • There is no need to opt for “contractor grade” or “Builder grade” fixtures. You won’t be getting anything special or a higher-grade fixture as these are just general marketing terms.
  • When renovating a bathroom, keep things simple. You may want better control over the flow of the water or the temperatures, but those should not be the top priority of the bathroom renovation.
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Therefore, it is best to hire only the reliable and highly reputed bathroom renovators contractors from the same localities, for getting the desired bathrooms at the interior parts of the house premises.