Having a big home to flaunt your style is not really necessary. In fact, you can beautify your own small space in a way that it gives an impression of a bigger space than the original. Decorating a tight square footage space can be a little challenging but if done with ingenuity and a sense of creativity, the place may give an impression of a luxury lifestyle.Unlike large space, you will have to focus on detailing of the smaller space and the ways to utilize it in the most efficient way.

Whether you are starting out in a studio apartment or have chosen a small home, styling and designing need not be sacrificed because of space issue. Your living area is the depiction of your personality and behavior. After performing some experiments on our own, we have come up with some smart ideas to make your small space lavish-looking and not congested.

Follow the below tips on how to decorate your ‘not-so-spacious’ home to make it look bright, comfortable and guests welcome.

1. First and the Most Important Thing- Ensure Proper Lighting

Small spaces can sometimes feel dark or dull because of small or no windows. To eliminate this darkness in your apartment, you need to either let natural light shine in through windows from kitchen to bedroom or add plenty of artificial sources. In case you don’t have space for floor and table lamps, you can use wall sconces, string lights, or even pendant lighting.  The reason behind ensuring proper light at your small apartment is that more light brightens up the smallest area giving a feel same as larger space.

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2. Multipurpose Furniture- A Need of Modern Lifestyle

Another essential thing to be implemented while decorating a small space well is to invest in furniture that can be utilized for more than one thing. For instance, you can buy a nesting table that can also become a coffee table while addressing guests.  Or you can opt for a sofa that converts into bed serving a dual purpose. Another useful tip is you can purchase a folding chair for your dining tables to give a modern look and save space whenever not needed. Also choosing the right furniture is essential as it directly impacts the visibility of your apartment.

3.  Work on Closets

Small homes are directly relatable to storage issues. It is often hard to let go of the stuff that we do not need in the present but might require in future because of the space issues. To resolve this problem, we suggest you have well design closets that look elegant and store maximum. For instance, make sure that the shelves do not occupy much room and are well structured according to space. Half of your issues related to keeping books, clothing, electronic media will be automatically resolved this way.

4. Get A Little Creative

To make your small space feel a lot better and brighter, you should go creative and utilize the space efficiently. So, for example, you can choose well-designed storage options that can also serve as beautiful home décor or furniture. For this, you can buy a bed that has storage. This will make your place look spacious. Additionally, people like seeing art hanging on walls as it diverts them from the thought of being in a small place. So if a wall did strategically can help a room feel larger. Also, the colors in the art should be chosen wisely depending on the size of the wall.

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5.  Your Walls Speak a Lot!

The color on the walls defines the intensity of your mood and behavior. Dark colors on your walls can give an impression of a cozy and moody personality giving a feel of smaller space. This doesn’t mean that you should hop on to the bright colors, instead go for neutral pallets such as white, blush pink, soft grey, lights woods, etc. This kind of colors gives a lighter essence to your place leaving them to look more beautiful. White or see-through furniture is an add-on that can give your place a luxuriantlook.

6. See Space in Corners? Utilize immediately!

Do not ignore any extra space in your home rather utilize it to fit your other stuff. Such as you can utilize the walls to make a vertical bookshelf or general-use shelf.Also,wall-mounted objects which can act as storage always work against small space issues. Apart from this, the most classic trick to invent more and utilize space is to turn the spare space beneath the stairs into your home office or a pantry, or play area for kids, etc.

7. Consider Adding Glass or Mirrors

It’s time to go a little bold, try installing big glasses by tearing you walls and converting them into wall-size windows or swap solid doors that gives an amazing outdoor view.Apart from offering a view, they give away to silvery sunshine that illuminates your room. Additionally, installing wall size mirrors can give an illusion of more square feet.

Make the Most of Small Space!

There is no point in cribbing about the amount of space you have to live rather you can invest your time and energy in decorating what you have. Proper decorating and redesigning change your place totally giving it a more sophisticated feel. You and your guests will surely feel a difference if you follow these steps precisely and as it is. Obviously, there is a lot of scope for your creative and innovative ideas that can also help in making your ‘not-so-big’ space beautiful and lively.

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