Every building needs some kind of device or construction so that one can reach to great heights of that building without any effort or risk of life. This is where the idea of a staircase come in. A staircase is one of the most important parts of the structural design of the building and it is constructed along with the process of building every floor. It is a component of the building which helps in gaining access to numerous floors and roof of the building. The staircase designs consist of the basic structure which includes the flight of stair and the intermediate slabs for landing in between the floors. The design can be improved by modifying the style, number, and size of stairs and intermediate slabs in between the floor levels. In this way, a number of staircase designs can be prepared with the variation of stairs and slabs.

One might even say that the staircase is the enclosing structure of flight of step or stairs. Keeping in mind the basic structural components – stairs, intermediate landing slabs and beam walls for support, there can be different applications of the stair in numerous designs.


The staircase designs are not only concerned with aesthetics but the architectural design, the feasibility, and other requirements according to functions are some criteria which also govern the design of the staircases. Other than that, there are various other factors like lighting, ventilation, the comfort of movement and height, the amount of space consumed and so on.

The importance of staircase designs

One might even wonder that when were staircases invented but it is quite difficult to guess from what time period the stair actually came into being. However, it is guessed that they were invented around 6000BC. Staircases are by far the oldest form architectural structure which has been evidently seen in buildings. However, the staircase designs have changed with the change in time period, revealing the creativity and authenticity of the architecture’s work. With the takeover of modern architecture, buildings now have a different look all together and their key element are staircase designs which overtakes all the limelight of the building. It is the skills and creativity which brings about various variations in the structure and design of the staircase and create something completely out of the box.

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The structure and design of the staircase are a response to the type of society we live in they were constructed in. It talks a lot about art and culture then and now, and the huge change in the difference in between, change in technology and in style too. With time, those staircase designs became historic landmarks which are still used as inspiration by various architects. As said earlier, with time, art has changed and become more contemporary and abstract. With this, there has not only been innovation in staircase designs but structure as well. Straight staircases are the oldest but yet, still the most common form of staircases made in buildings. But apart from that, there are other structural variations like spiral, elliptical, helical and other technical and engineered marvels which will leave you in complete awe and amazement.

Staircase designs and their structure have no become an integral part of life. They literally allow us to reach heights and see the world with a different perspective. And it is the architects time and energy who have given us the opportunity to see the different world from a different height. With technological development, we are now incorporating them in art and pushing the boundaries of creativity and that can be clearly seen the key element of any building – the staircase designs and structures.