Talks of buying and owning a house could get anyone very excited. It’s a chance to finally customize and bring the creativity of a dream house to an actual platform. Plans on checking out tiles, wallpapers on display, or furniture catalogues come into schedule. No more childish sketches, or practicing the renovations and arrangements via a simulation game on your device because the actual dream home is a few decisions away.

Apparently, those moments of decision and renovation process could be extremely crucial as a lot of homeowners have a tendency to build up the excitement, throwing away rational thinking, and turning to impulse.

There’s nothing wrong with the surge of energy which comes with home renovation as this is natural instinct when it comes customizing what is now yours, it’s just that you need to be wary of the mistakes which comes with hurried decisions, as well as the chances not all of your designs for a dream house could be achieved.

Here are mistakes you could avoid when it comes to home renovation to ensure you happiness doesn’t falter:

Setting high expectations

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It’s most probably the biggest drawback a person could experience in life—the failure of expectations. You have been taught, even during childhood while you were yet drawing your dream home, that expectations will lead disappointment, and that nothing ever comes your way when except when you least expect it to happen. Does it go the same when setting your eyes on a house renovation?

Here’s the thing: you can only imagine as much how the house will look like after renovation when you’ve given all your effort and ideas on how you want the house to look like—exterior and interior. You have to consider the house you own and its features, the capacity in which it can support your designs for it.

You can’t expect, for instance, to have a luxurious tub installed in a bathroom which doesn’t have the appropriate space to cater all the other elements that could be found there.

Buying cheap materials

Talk about future problems when it comes to buying poor quality materials in exchange for the furniture and decorations you’ve planned to go along each room in the house. You have the most brilliant lamps, tables, beds, or chairs, but is the house strong enough to hold everything in?

Purchasing low quality materials may not reflect during the first few months (or even a year) after the house is renovated, but you will find yourself calling on maintenance to repair damages from ceilings or walls that are near collapse, or wall paints which are chipping off.

Going beyond the budget

For every plan and decision made, you have to be money-wise. Again, impulsive buying and excitement will lead to purchases which are least important. Learn how to prioritize which to buy first before using what is left of your budget for decorative and entertainment purposes.

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Selecting appliances last

When you first take in the view of the house, you should have an initial idea on where to put appliances. That also means prioritizing basic equipment which should appear in every household such as the refrigerator or the cooking stove. You don’t want to overdo decorations and furniture, or even install extensions during the renovation process without allotting space on where your appliances will sit.

Choosing the wrong house

It’s great that you have all these creative plans and a detailed floor plan of how you want each area of the house to look like. The problem? You overlooked the house you bought, and now you’re disappointed that you can’t achieve majority of the plans you have set.

For instance, you have a layout for 3 rooms with varying uses. Unfortunately, the house you purchase only has 2. You’ve crushed expectations, and you have to make last-minute renovations on your set plan.

Hiring biased contractors

Part of planning what the house will look like is also the filtering of who will be the right contractors to fulfill your dreams for you. Prevalent today are the contractors who catches your attention through sugar-coated words and false promises.

Research your contractor of choice thoroughly and establish trust and communication all through the process. You may have purchased those walls or tiles, but will the contractors use them to the best of their capabilities?

Key Takeaway

This is not a race nor a timed event to take decisions and processes for granted. Remember, excitement is perfectly alright as long as you have the sense of making sure the house is stable, with functioning equipment and features, as well as comfortability which will not last for just a year or two. You want a house which will keep you lax and satisfied for as long as you plan to live in it, not a house where every month there’s a renovation going on.

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