We all pop colors but adding them into our home décor makes us nervous. There’s something alluring and enthralling about bright colors as if it adds a touch of drama in the otherwise somber interior.

Many of us tussle to get the right inspiration when we decide to add that little charm into the décor. So, here we are with some mesmerizing ideas which will not only add color to your home, but they’ll all make it lively.

Many times all you need is a bunch of cushions in sharp shades, some different colored chairs, or a signature piece in a bursting hue to get the desired effect. While at other times you have to put in some effort like changing wall color or replacing furniture.

The Key Notes

There are particular significant things to remember when playing with the colors:

  • Don’t use too much color in a single setting.
  • Don’t paint the entire space in a single bright color.
  • Make sure to use darker shades in the larger spaces.
  • Small spaces will appear more congested with a lot of dark color.
  • Mix and match smartly to give an airy look.
  • Colors should complement each other and not make the place clustered.
  • It shouldn’t make space look shady.

Rugs For Attention

Having one color standing out in an entire area as a focal point can make a huge difference. Vintage rugs are so popular these days for this purpose. A plain one color floor can become enchantingly beautiful with a contrasting rug.

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Wallpapers To Change The Mood

Bold wallpapers also work to make a statement. The best type of wallpaper is the one which matches the room with its base hue, and the print on it should be in contrasting shades. It will lift the entire mood of a room.

One Color Trick

If you are not comfortable with playing too many colors in one room, then you can even add a pop with just one color. Say, you have a white sofa in your living room, and the walls are usual white or off-white. To make it more lively, you don’t have to re-paint or replace the furniture. All you have to do is invest in some accessories like cushions, a rug, a lamp, and some chairs.

Pick a tone that you like and try to get cushions, rugs, and lamp in the same tone. That way you’ll be able to add some pigment in the otherwise boring setting, and it won’t be overwhelming since it’s just a single tone.

Chairs Can Be Fun Too

Chairs can be very useful when the goal is to provide a cheerful look to a room or lounge. Gone are the days when mismatched chairs were considered a big no! Now, they’re probably the best thing and even better if they’re in brighter colors.

A Remarkable Piece

Adding a colorful bookshelf or a single stool is whimsy and makes the room enchanted. Place a bookshelf on a plain wall in odd color which is nowhere in the whole setting and see the magic it brings.

Spray The Gloominess Away

Painting one piece of furniture in a different color is fun and makes the place stylish. It’s not even expensive you can spray paint it on your own. Spray paints are not hard to find, and you will find several promo codes on them too. So, get spray paint and tint your furniture for adventure and fun. We seriously hope you’ll find these tips useful and motivating enough to try something exotic. Good luck!

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