A house is not complete without a beautiful kitchen. You may be a star chef or prefer not spending more than 15 minutes in front of the gas but it never hurts to have a kitchen that looks like a dream. In this age of innumerable kitchen designs, there are few timeless decors that are never out of style and they stand out. Whether you are building your house or simply going for a remodeling here are 7 timeless kitchen designs that will always make your kitchen look amazing: 

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7 Kitchen Design Ideas For A Timeless Look:

  • The Flooring: Hardwood floor especially the oak wood or hickory kind imparts a timeless appeal to the kitchen, it does go high on the pricing. The checkered look too has stood the test of time and has made repeated comebacks. Incorporating these two trends might be costly but it is worth the extra dollar as this type of kitchen designs will be a talk of the neighborhood even 10 years in the future. Yet, if you would like to have a more budget-friendly option, you can go for linoleum to give you the much needed protection against damage. In addition, you can stick to the classic black and white or alternate neutral with a pastel shade like light grey with ochre.
  • The Lighting: Much of the magic when it comes to vogue kitchen designs is due to the lighting. Without proper lighting, it is a tad bit difficult achieving that. For the lucky ones to have access to a beautiful sun lit spot for kitchen, make sure that the windows are in plenty. A single bay style window or French windows too adds a timeless dimension, not to mention a sense of space to the kitchen. In case you lack the option of natural light, add many light fixtures and lamps to illuminate the kitchen. To make it look more homey.
  • The Color Scheme: Neutral is never out of style. In order for the lighting to do its work, you need to add neutral tiles and furniture along with white or really light-colored walls. With the light reflecting surfaces, your kitchen does look bright and elegant. Keep all permanent fixtures in whites or very light grey color and you can play around the accents to add the desired color splash.  In kitchen designs it is better to keep the pastels to a minimum especially when it comes to seats.
  • The Countertops: Stones and granite is ideal for countertops. Apart from being hard and resistant to the wears and tears of cooking, it acts as a balancer for all the neutral fixtures.  You can even go for a marble design top or let a solid dark color do the job.
  • Do Not Overcrowd: One of the many mistakes a person does when choosing kitchen designs is going overboard with furniture and appliances leaving barely any space for easy movement. How you design your kitchen depends a lot on the area of space you have. Keep in mind to never overcrowd your kitchen especially the countertops.
  • The Cabinets And Storages: Shaker cabinets are a winner when it comes to timeless kitchen designs.Imparting a classic look, it works well on neutral walls and add much need extra storage space to ensure a cluster free kitchen.
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A minimalistic design is never out of style and keeping the bases in neutral lets you play around with appliances and the dining table colors. Opt for a timeless vintage look that doesn’t require you to keep re-doing changes, rather adapts itself to changing environs, trends and practices.