Window treatment is one of the often overlooked home improvement ideas, yet it offers multiple benefits for the homeowner. Exterior shutters not only add to the aesthetics of your home but also offer protection from poor weather, privacy and natural light and air control in the house. If you have plans to upgrade your home’s exterior décor, it is time to consider adding shutters. While there are various shutter systems on the market, wood shutters are the most popular and for many good reasons. They offer multi-pronged benefits including offering timeless beauty, adding value to your home among many other advantages.

This article explores the multiple benefits of exterior wooden shutters in details and suggests how best to install them. Keep reading.

  1. Multiple Shutter Style Options

If you pick wooden shutters for your property, there are multiple styling options you can use. They include louvers, raised panel shutters, Board-and-batten shutters, traditional Shaker style shutters, functional plantation shutters, Café-style shutters, cut-out design shutters, Scandinavian shutters, Bermuda/Bahama shutters among others. Whatever your décor choice, you will find wood exterior shutters to suit your needs.

  1. Sound and Thermal Insulation

These shutters offer good sound and thermal insulation when closed. If you live close to the road, for instance, you will find your window shutters handy in blocking away the noise from outside when you want to relax.  During winter, your shutters will prevent heat loss while in summer; you can open them wide to let in the breeze.   If you want a home improvement idea that offers multiple benefits, consider installing wooden shutters.

  1. Authentic Beauty

One of the first things your guests will notice about your wood shutters is their natural beauty. Wood is naturally beautiful and the multiple colors, grains and other natural features on wood give your windows authentic treatment. It is no wonder engineered woods that imitate natural basswood are very popular. Wooden shutters add a dash of classical style to the property and they instantly become the focal points in your outdoor home décor.

  1. UV Light Protection and Natural Light Control

If you use solid wood panels for your shutters, it is easy to block away harmful UV light during the sunny days. You can control how much light gets into your room by opening the shutters at a certain angle.  If you want to let much light into your room in the morning, you can open the shutter wide.

However, you can also adjust your louvers up to a certain degree to keep harmful UV light from the floor and furniture.  UV light leads to deterioration of your beautiful furniture but with exterior wooden shutters, you can control entry of light into the rooms.

  1. Added Protection

One of the main reasons for installing shutters is to offer protection against bad weather. If you live in storm-prone areas, you need added protection for your property and wooden shutters play this role perfectly.  The material is sturdy and can withstand storms and wind to protect the windows and prevent debris from landing inside the living spaces.

  1. Enhanced Privacy

Opaque wood shutter panels are ideal if you want to keep away prying eyes. Whether you have plantation shutters or louvers on your windows, it is possible to allow in light while still maintaining a high level of privacy. Wood shutters are ideal for your bedroom and other living spaces as you will never have to worry about exposing yourself.

  1. Sustainably Sourced Shutters

One of the greatest concerns in construction today is the sustainability of designs and materials used. When it comes to wood, there is a need to reduce natural resources exploitation as a way of conserving the environment.  When buying wood window shutters, you will find that sustainably sourced woods from controlled plantations. This is a more eco-friendly option than using harmful plastic shutters which emit greenhouse gases.

  1. Reduction of Utility Bills

As a homeowner, you need to look ahead when planning any home improvement project. Look at the initial costs and any cost-savings you will enjoy from the project. For exterior wooden shutters, the initial cost is high but these fixtures will also lead to a reduction of utility bills.  You can easily control natural air flow and this natural ventilation saves you a lot of money.

During winter, you will save on heating as the shutter retain heat in your living spaces. During summer, you can allow in cooler air and save on air conditioning.

  1. Strength and Durability

The best wood window shutters come from strong hardwoods including basswood, oaks, poplar, maple, pine, and alder among others. The woods from these trees are sturdy and can withstand extreme weather. You will not have to worry about physical damage to your wooden shutters and this makes them perfect for storm-prone areas. When well-treated, wooden shutters will last long and their durability makes them one of the most popular shutters in America.

  1. Shutters for Any Window

It is easy to work with wood and shutter manufacturers can configure their products to fit any window openings. You will find a large configuration of panels that allow you to install shutters on any opening. However unique the design of your windows, go ahead and talk to a shutter manufacturer for customized wooden shutters.

Choosing Wood Shutters

When selecting wood window shutters for your home, make sure you consider your needs first.  Consider whether you need functional shutters or aesthetic fittings. Make a budget and talk to a professional contractor about the best shutter styling for your windows.

When buying your shutters, confirm the manufacturer maintains the highest standards including wood treatment for protection against water and pest damage. Look for quality guarantees and product warranty for the exterior wooden shutters and shop around for the best prices.

If you want to give your home a makeover, it is time to consider shutter window treatment. Windows are prominent on the exterior décor of your house and when you treat them with wood shutters, they instantly become the focal point of the entire décor. These shutters will make your home look great again while at the same time serving multiple functions.