Moving across the borders or simply a few blocks away with your grandparents can be very challenging. It’s even an emotionally and physically taxing process that needs to be taken seriously to ensure the welfare of your elderly loved ones.

In this article, we’ll provide the essential tips to make sure the transition goes smoothly, paying attention to your grandparents’ health and safety. Check these things out to learn more.

#1 Communicate. 

It’s expected that your grandparents will feel sad and frustrated once they know they’re leaving their home. However, the entire process will be much easier if you start talking to them about the move. While it can be a tough conversation, to begin with, make sure you give them time to understand the transition. Let them know why you’re moving so you can help ease their feelings of distress and ensure a safety transfer with them moving forward.

#2 Plan the move properly.

Before you move with your grandparents, be sure to plan everything properly. Start by obtaining a more accurate floor plan. That way, you’ll have a visual of what you should be getting once you move-in. For instance, make sure the rocking chair of your grandparents will fit in the new space. Keep in mind, plotting the floor plan of your elderly loved one’s new room can give you a better idea of what items to bring with you during the move.

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#3 Seek help from your family.

Moving elderly people can become problematic if you do it on your own. Enlist help from your family and friends, so you can pay attention to your move. Asking them to participate can also be a huge help for your grandparents. Thus, it’s best to surround them with loved ones who will support and encourage them, so you can ease the stress of moving.

#4 Take them to a health checkup.

If you plan to move with your grandparents, their health should always be of paramount importance. Set an appointment with their doctor and make sure they’re in good shape before, during and after the move. Ask the current physician on how you can keep them healthy and safe while doing all your moving tasks. If there are prescriptions, get these things ready before the big day. And if you’re relocating your elderly loved one to a new place, never forget to find a new doctor as soon you can. By doing it, you’ll be updated on the health condition of your grandparents.

#5 Schedule the move ahead of time.

Moving your grandparents requires an additional amount of planning. There are a few relocation logistics to think about before the actual moving day. At some point, you have to consider the health and even the potential mobility issues of your aging loved ones. However, you can handle these factors properly if you arrange your move ahead of time. Give yourself sufficient time to accomplish all the things that need to be done – from packing up your stuff to moving them to your new house.

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#6 Declutter. 

Another moving tip to notice when moving with your grandparents is to sort and organize. Go through around the house and look for items that are no longer needed. Get rid of them so you’ll have fewer things to transport to your new location. When it comes to your elderly loved one’s belongings, be sure to respect the emotional attachment they have with their possessions and let them cherish these memories. Take note, these things are not just ordinary objects for them because of their sentimental values.

#7 Get professional movers.

If moving with a grandparent, seeking professional assistance can be a great idea. In situations like these, it’s advisable to hire a safety first moving company that can help with your load.  They can also guarantee that all your belongings will make it safely to your new home. Not only will asking help from them minimize the burden of relocation but it’ll also help you pay attention to your elderly loved one’s needs. On top of your moving needs, most commercial movers provide packing and unpacking services. Thus, even if you’re moving with them, everything will still go smoothly.

#8 Prepare the new home.

You should get your new home ready for the arrival of your grandparents. All the preparations should be done in a way that you’ll best accommodate their needs. To ensure their comfort and safety, you have to do some fixes such as the installation of the safety rails, walk-in bathtub, and an electric stair lift, plug-in of night lights, and the placement of a ramp outside the front door. Make their new home as comfortable as possible.

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Final Thoughts

By following the tips mentioned in this article, your elderly loved ones will surely have a safe transition. Use the information in this post to plan your move better. Remember, proper planning and preparation can influence the success of your relocation. So, if you’re moving to New York City, be sure to consider your grandparents’ unique circumstances when finding the right Movers NYC to handle your transfer.