There is no other floor quite like hardwood flooring. It offers warmth and a natural style that fits with nearly every decor. No hardwood flooring looks the same as the boards have unique knots, streaks, rings, pecks, paws, and color variations. Hardwood flooring gives rooms personality and the durable surface can last for generations.

Homeowners have so many options for new flooring, from tile, carpet, laminate, and more. But, none of these provide the same quality that hardwood has. Tile can break. Carpet harbors dust and other allergens. While laminate can look like hardwood, it does not have the same longevity or style. When you are ready to add hardwood to your home, you can get help at

If the distinct look and durability of hardwood isn’t enough to convince you to add it to your home, these are 10 more reasons to pick the beautiful flooring.

#1 Hardwood flooring is an investment in your home

When people are looking to add value to their homes, hardwood floor is the answer. It is designed to last for generations. Consider old Victorian homes with floors that have been in existence since the 1800s. Other types of flooring, especially carpet and laminate, needs to be replaced after 10 to 20 years. Hardwood never goes out of style, so it never needs to be removed for redecorating, either. There is an upfront cost to installing hardwood floors, but the long-term costs are much less than other flooring options.

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#2 It is easy to maintain

Hardwood floors are easy to maintain. You can keep the floor clean with a vacuum, dust mop, and a broom. Many people use a gentle spray cleaner, too. You do not need any harsh chemicals to clean a hardwood floor because they do not get moldy or filled with allergens. With hardwood floors, you do not need to ever buy an expensive carpet cleaner or worry about scrubbing the floor.

#3 It comes in several colors and patterns

There are several colors and patterns available in hardwood floors. You can choose everything from a solid, clean wood grain to one that includes tiger stripes and birds’ eyes. The opportunities are practically endless, especially since floors can be covered in stains and paints for a fully customized look. If you want something different, you can layout the wood planks in parquet designs or other unique patterns. Only your imagination and budget will limit you.

#4 It is a renewable, environmentally-friendly resource

Hardwood floors come from trees which can be planted and harvested at safe rates. Hardwood floors do not require any harsh chemicals that wreak havoc on the environment, either. They are what they are – planks of wood. The planks do not need to be processed in chemical-laden factories or trucked long distances, either. One hardwood option, bamboo, grows at about an inch per hour. This rapid growth explains why it is becoming more popular in homes all over the world.

#5 Hardwood is a natural product

Hardwood does not need to be processed like other home-building elements. Other than the energy required to cut down, chop, and transport wood, there isn’t much that goes into creating hardwood floors. Compare this to steel, concrete, or laminate manufacturing, which release several harmful pollutants into the atmosphere and solid wastes into landfills. Wood is an energy efficient material that actually helps insulate homes, as wood traps air at the cellular level. Concrete, steel, and laminate does not.

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#6 It is allergy friendly

When families have members with diagnosed allergies, one of the first recommendations for the family is to remove carpet. The fibers trap allergens like mold, pet dander, and dust mites. Vacuum cleaners are often unable to remove all of the allergens. Hardwood flooring is the best option for families with allergies, as it is easy to clean. Yes, hardwood floors get dusty, but the dust can be removed with a mop or broom. Some hardwood flooring options are actually anti-microbial, making them even better choices for families that need allergy-free floors.

#7 It is easy on the body

Even though it is called “hardwood flooring,” it is softer than other options. Because it has a subtle give to it, hardwood floor is easy on the joints and spine. If you have to stand for long periods of time, it is better to stand on hardwood instead of on tile, concrete, or laminate. This is why so many people install hardwood in their kitchens.

#8 It is easy to repair

Every floor has the possibility to be damaged. Carpet can be stained. Tile can break. Laminate can tear. Hardwood can be damaged, but it is much more difficult to damage when compared to other types of flooring. If hardwood flooring is damaged, it is easy to repair. Stained carpet is difficult to clean and often needs to be completely replaced when damaged. Tiles also need to be completed replaced and regrouted if damaged. Laminate would also need to be replaced and matched if damaged.

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Hardwood that is damaged does not take much effort to fix. It might need gentle sanding, staining, or painting to repair a damaged plank. Very rarely do entire planks need to be replaced, as the floor itself is so tolerant to everything life can throw at it.

#9 It can be recycled

Hardwood is one of the easiest materials to recycle. If you take out a floor, the planks can be used in another house, or they can be used to make furniture or decor. Other flooring can only be used once, then must be disposed of in a landfill. There is no reason for any pieces of hardwood flooring to end up in a landfill.

#10 The wood flooring industry supports the wood industry

When you buy wood flooring, you are supporting several industries. Most importantly, the wood industry which supports healthy forestry. When you buy a different type of floor, you support chemical companies and industries that pollute the environment. Buying wood flooring supports a renewable resource and the people who are dedicated to keeping forests healthy.