When you mention the word concrete to people their immediate thought is an industrial building essential. However, what many homeowners do not know is that stained concrete flooring is one of the most hardwearing and versatile flooring solutions available. What is even more surprising to many people is that stained concrete flooring is immensely attractive.

Installing stained concrete flooring provides a canvas on which the individual taste of the homeowner can be displayed. Anything from geometric patterns to fully realised seascapes in a bathroom or family crests in an entrance area are possible. In fact, the only limit is the homeowner’s imagination.

The stained concrete option for flooring is made possible due to a different formulation of the concrete itself which removes those bubbles which are formed during pouring of the industrial version. The formulation leads to a much denser and more light-reflective finish. The end result is a ready canvas for expression. However, it should be noted that although concrete is a great flooring solution that stained concrete can be a pricey option. It all depends on the complexity of the staining. As a guideline stained concrete can range from around $2 per square foot to around $30. That is a guideline that has to taken into account when the homeowner makes their flooring decision.

There is also a weight consideration. A groundfloor installation is one that will not present any challenges – but upper floors require the go-ahead from a structural engineer. However, there are lightweight concrete options to consider.

As far as durability is concerned there are very few flooring solutions that can match concrete. It shrugs off the effects of spills and staining – and is tremendously impact resistant. Maintenance is also a piece of cake – a mop and some simple floor cleaner will allow the homeowner to enjoy the beauty of the flooring for decades without a touchup. The wonder of concrete flooring is made even more attractive by the fact that those of who are in search of simplicity and beauty have numerous options. The homeowner does not need the services of a dedicated artist to populate a flooring canvas. Adding dyes to the concrete mix provides swirling patterns that makes this flooring so tremendously attractive.

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However – the very nature of concrete flooring does its drawbacks. It is as tough as nails. It hardness means that homeowners should consider throw rugs in order to make it a bit more child safe. A fall onto a concrete floor is not an experience that will be enjoyed. Concrete also cracks – and that does require attention. However – sealing the concrete properly will avoid most of these sorts of problems.

However, these issues pale into insignificance when it comes to a cost-benefit analysis. The sheer attractiveness of stained concrete means that it should be carefully evaluated when it comes to a preferred flooring option. It does have both its positives and negatives – but the positives far outweigh the negatives. Each homeowner needs to apply their mind – as a canvas for self-expression, it is almost literally unmatched.