Dating back to the ancient times, wherein mirrors were still made of metals instead of glass; many people were already fascinated with their multiple usages.

Up to this day, people still come up with new ideas on how to use mirrors apart from grooming, medical, and safety purposes.

Today, mirrors are fast becoming popular among homeowners and interior designers as a decorative piece because of its ability to increase the aesthetic value of any space.

Contrary to the common usage of mirrors in bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas, mirrors are now used in dining areas and kitchens too. Here’s why.

First off, because of their reflective properties, mirrors can brighten and double the space of any room.

For instance, placing a large mirror in a windowless room can instantly transform it from a narrow, dark and dreary space to an open and lively one by scattering light to the entire room.

What more if it is placed in a room with windows that let natural light in, right? It won’t only beautify the room; it will also help you save electricity during the day.

Mirrors can also conceal unsightly room flaws like a bad wall by covering it up or by serving as a centerpiece that will divert the attention of people who will enter your home from the said flaw. It’ll also transform the space from bland to grand.

Moreover, you can also use mirrors as an expression of your personal style. Mirrors come in various shapes, styles, and frames that you can choose from to complement your home’s interior design.

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Whether you own a modern, traditional, or transitional home, you will surely find one that will suit your taste.

Stylish mirrors are your best alternative to expensive paintings and wall décor because it’s more affordable, easier to clean, and can be hung in the same hook. Given these benefits, money spent on mirrors is indeed well spent.

When investing in a decorative mirror, however, there are certain things that you need to consider – first being the specific spot in the room or property where you intend to display it. If you don’t know where to best place your decorative mirrors, then advice from an interior designer might help you decide.

To know more about why you should invest in mirrors as a decorative piece for your property, check out the infographic below from Accent Art and Frame.

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