The use of electric radiators is gradually overtaking the use of the traditional home heaters, as such, there is a lot of information flying here and there about this new introduction. There are different beliefs as regards the effectiveness of these two heaters with respect to each other and this can be attributed different principles through which they operate.

With electric radiators, heat used is generated majorly by using electricity as its primary supply source, thereby providing a safer and cleaner alternative to the use of gas. With, these electric radiators, there is the promise of full efficiency with its use; there is the general benefit of reducing the cost spent, reducing time spent while also getting what is needed.

However, it is also very important to note that energy efficiency is not the same as energy conservation, of which energy efficiency is the desired aim. As such, the fact that less quantity of energy is used up does not necessarily mean that it is serving the optimal function which it should. The use of electric radiators is quite instrumental in ensuring that energy is used up very efficiently, therefore serving the purpose for which it was gotten in the first place

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