You have seen a lot of people posting up their pictures of dimly lit rooms. In fact, if you look up the internet for ideas to decorate home, you will find many links suggesting fairy lights. These lights have gained so much popularity in the past years. People like to have a special corner in their house, which is creative, looks good and leaves behind a happy feeling. This is exactly what fairy lights can do.

Here are some creative ways in which you can hang the fairy light all across your home.

String picture display

This is the simplest and the most elegant way of decorating room with fairy lights. Just hang the fairy lights, either straight on the walls or in a pattern across the walls. Take you favorite pictures and just hang them from the fairy lights with pins. No work is required and it makes the room feel more lively with the lights and the pictures.

Mason Jar lights

Mason jars can be found in everyone’s home, they are plain, don’t need anything extra to decorate. Just put the lights inside the jars and they will look beautiful. You can decorate the jars with flowers or threads if you want to enhance the look. Just place the jars around your favourite corner and you are good to go.

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Branch decor

This is the latest trend in home decor. People like giving a nature’s touch to their home and adding leave and branches inside the house give it a rustic chic look. The branches can be placed in the balcony or even near the windows in the room. You can entwine the lights around the branches.

Lit staircases

Stairs are the perfect place to wrap the lights around. Very less can be done when it comes to decoration around the stairs. Sometimes people place art pieces on the adjacent wall to make it look less blank. Fairy light make the stairs glow and since they can be twisted around they look elegant on the staircases.

DIY chandelier

Centre pieces and chandeliers are something people invest a lot of money in. But what if we told you can make a chandelier on your own. Take a simple round or any shape you like plastic material. Tie around different colour threads to make it look more colourful. Add the light on the surface of the material and hand it in the corner or wherever you like. You have your ow chandelier. In fact many event management organizations even have DIY lamps at functions.

Lighted shelf

Whats better than a perfectly lit book shelf. Right? Book lovers keep their book shelves more maintained than any other corner of the house. They love seeing their books and after adding lights to the shelf, the books look prettier in those dim lights. If you are not a book lover, you can have the lights around whatever you like to collect and see your favourite things shine.

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Planted decor

Nowadays plants have become a symbol of creativity and art. People not only keep plants in their home, they style the whole look. Decorating the plant walls with fairy lights make the wall look more homely and elegant. Just keep the lights away from touching the leaves and you are good to go.