Over time, the words “contemporary” and “modern” have been used interchangeably in describing home design. In most cases, both words represent a break from tradition and norms, paving the way for more liberal and artistic concepts.

Creative interior paint does a lot to achieve this. In fact, even the most typical paint colors can be considered as contemporary depending on the beholder’s perspective. This means that modern paint colors not only include those that are usually used in new-age architecture, but also cover hues that capture a sense of modernity in a specific space.

If you’re looking to use paint to make your home appear more contemporary, below is a list of five techniques you can try:

1.   Accentuate Subtle Colors with Vibrant Ones

Using two or more colors in painting the walls of a single room offers a break from the paint-it-all classic style in interior design. To achieve this, you can have one side of the room painted a vibrant hue which will accentuate the subtler, more neutral base color (such as greys, browns, whites, and blacks) of the rest of the space.

Doing so will add depth to the area and make the flooring, lighting, fixtures, furnishings, and textiles stand out.

2.   Go Metallic on Your Walls

Wall paint used inside the house is usually matte or glossy. However, if you want to add a more contemporary appeal to it, you can go for a more eccentric choice: metallic paint. Although this may need more layers of coating than its matte or glossy counterpart, metallic paint will make the extra cost worth it by offering a warm sheen that is perfect for making naturally dark rooms more lively.


3.   Paint the Ceiling

Creating a seamless flow within a single room is also a great way to break away from traditional interior design rules. You can achieve this by continuing the paint pattern from the wall up to the ceiling.

One great example of how to apply this is by painting the headboard wall along your bed with a stripe pattern that continues up to the ceiling. The resulting canopy effect offers a unique visual appeal that makes the room feel bolder and more elegant at the same time.

4.   Add Depth with Textured Paint

One of the easiest ways to add depth to a room is to use textured paint. As an excellent tool for modern interior design, this type of paint can help provide dimension to otherwise flat and dull walls. You can also mold them using special tools based on how you want the room to look, or pick a product that contains additives for more emphasized texture.

5.   Color Your Room Based on Your Personality

Colors not only make a room pretty, but can also help showcase an individual’s personality. This means that your choice of color may sum up what kind of person you are and make it shine through your contemporary home.


Perfectionists and dreamers often choose yellow hues for their rooms. These people tend to do well when it comes to discussing business and abstract topics. The color also signifies an intellectual and charismatic personality that can easily make other people feel more relaxed.


Grey exudes a minimalistic vibe and is the common choice for people who like to be up-to-date when it comes to the latest gadgets. If you chose this color for your bedroom, it means that you are hardworking and require more time to recharge as grey is known to be a restful and soothing color.

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It is also a common choice for people who want to simplify their lives, be it through technology or other innovations.


Orange is the color of the fearless. People who choose this hue tend to be fun-loving, very social, and love to travel and meet new people along the way. It is a color that invokes enthusiasm and warmth, which is why it is one of the most popular choices in contemporary interior design.


While black may seem like a gothic choice, it is actually considered a sexy color for a bedroom. It signifies mystery, power, and prestige, which means people who opt for this color want to be in control and independent from others.

Privacy is also a top priority for people who choose black as it also represents protection and intimacy.


Mocha and other earthy brown hues signify honesty and humility. People who like this color in their bedroom tend to be open and confident about who they are. They also appreciate little joys from simple luxuries in life.


Various blues exude a sense of harmony and peace in a room. This may be why people who are loyal and prefer an organized space choose this color for their bedroom.


Green is another peaceful hue that says, “I want to avoid drama.” It is relaxing to the eyes and offers stress relief from a chaotic life, making it the best choice for people who want more “zen” in their lives.

A Final Word

From textured paints to shiny metallic ones, the choice you make for your home can make or break its contemporary design. If you really want to do away with tradition, make sure to open your mind to possible options, think outside of the box, and bring in the professionals to help.

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