Most of us drool over the images of designer bathrooms we see while surfing the internet. But when it comes to the budget we may not be able to design according to our imagination. Modern bathrooms create a simple and hygienic feeling. Your bathroom must represent cleanliness and comfort because it is the most important place in your house. If you are planning on designing your bathroom you must keep a few things in mind. In order to design your modern bathroom make sure to utilize geometric shapes and forms, clean lines, nominal colours and less furniture.

When it comes to bathroom tiles, they must be chosen carefully as they are prominent and give your bathroom a complete look. If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom you must stop by Camden Haven designer bathrooms and take a look at the bathroom tiles ideas to make your bathroom look classy and modern.

Tile rug:

The floor of the bathroom has the biggest and dominant impact on the over-all look of your bathroom. A unique style for your bathroom floor is tiles designed as a rug. The rug not be very vast. It should be eye-catching and elegant. The bonus point is that you will never have to dry clean this fake tiled-rug.

Geometric Tiles:

Geometric stone tile floor imparts warm tones to the bathroom. They give a traditional look to your bathroom. You can use jade green or blue colours to give a subtle geometric effect on your bathroom wall too. As greens and blues give a fresh look.

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A Wooden Effect:

Tiling your bathroom with wooden tiles gives it a polished look, but the cost can sometimes add up. If you want to make your installation obvious use dark coloured wooden flooring tiles. These glossy brown tiles emulates the appearance of wood but the shiny quality of tiling is retained. These wooden tiles make your bathroom appear luxurious but in a very modern and relaxed way.

Ultra-White Tiles:

If an immensely clean looking bathroom is your perquisite than no other colour tiles than ultra-white tiles can provide you with this. White tiles create a glossy modern space that can be elevated with small pops of colour. This can give warmth and ambiance to your chic bathroom, thus making it classic.

Soft Warm Pastels:

Using soft and warm pastel colours in your bathroom give it a soothing look. There is an ultimate fresh environment when you enter a bathroom with light colour scheme. These pale tiles, in shades of pink and blue, greens and yellow keep you in relaxed mood. You can go for a stellar 70s atmosphere with placid green tiles or add a touch of beachy flair with light blue colours.

One important thing to remember while deciding which tiles you want for your bathroom is; always choose the stone wisely and designer bathrooms Camden Haven is doing this job perfectly. Nothing beats the balminess and pictorial beauty of natural stone in the bathroom. Make a survey in the market and choose the best option available because the quality matters. Bathroom tiles can be damaged soon if you compromise on the quality of the tiles used.

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