Fibreglass roofing is constructed from strengthened plastic and fine glass fibres. It’s commonly known as GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) which is a composite material formed by strengthening plastic with fine fibres made of glass. Fibreglass roofing has become one of the most common flat roofing solutions in the UK due to its numerous structural benefits. Find out more about fibreglass roof costs.

Why consider fibreglass for your new roofing material?

Fibreglass is a strong contender as your new roofing material due to its versatility, meaning that it is suitable for a variety of different structures. However, it is one of the most expensive roofing materials which means it’s important to weigh up whether you think it is suitable for your property.

Though fibreglass is one of the most expensive roofing materials in the UK, you may get more use out of fibreglass roofing than you would out of other roofing materials. This is because fibreglass roofing is likely to last more than twenty, or sometimes thirty, years. Fibreglass is extremely strong due to its lack of seams, which means that it is less likely to let water in than other roofing materials. This means that the fibreglass material is less likely to develop any faults and need repair work, unlike other roofing materials, which could save you in maintenance and repair costs further down the line.

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Additional benefits of fibreglass

  • Fibreglass is a prefabricated roofing material. This means that the fibreglass comes pre-cut from a factory which allows for quick installation by your chosen tradesperson.
  • Because of the prefabricated nature of the fibreglass material, it means that there is no wastage. This could reduce your installation costs as it means that there is no need for a skip which would be necessary with the use of other roofing materials.
  • Fibreglass is more environmentally friendly – you can recycle fibreglass roofing.
  • Fibreglass has impressive weather proofing qualities. Fibreglass is one of the most heat and chemical resistant roof materials on the market, meaning that it is extremely durable in high temperatures and harsh weather conditions.
  • Fibreglass is much more durable and stronger than felt roofing. Fibreglass and felt roofing are two of the more common roofing solutions in the UK. However, felt roofing often has to be repaired more often than fibreglass due to its lack of durability.
  • Fibreglass is relatively easy to repair if it does get damaged.
  • Installation of fibreglass roofing is highly regarded for being simple and safe for professionals.

Best places to install fibreglass

Flat roof extension

Fibreglass is perfect to use on your flat roof extension. The last thing you need when you have a flat roof extension is to be spending additional money on repairs and maintenance. However, with fibreglass roofing, maintenance is significantly easier and more cost effective than the maintenance of other flat roofing materials. This also means that, with good maintenance routines, fibreglass roofing should work perfectly well for twenty to thirty years – which is ideal when you’ve gone through the stress of a roof extension in the first place!

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Garage roof

Fibreglass roofing can be installed to complex structures such as mansard roofing, dormer roof structures, etc. However, fibreglass roofing is also perfect for garage roof structures due to the architectural simplicity of the structure. Fibreglass is known for being simple to install, but when it is installed on structures that are also simple in themselves, it’s often a very efficient process.

Shed roofing

Fibreglass roofing is quite a common roofing material for sheds because fibreglass is perfect for insulating and protecting your roof from harsh weather, such as heavy rainfall. This means that any tools or valuable items kept in your shed will be kept in great condition under your trusty fibreglass roof.

Outhouse roofing

Outhouses are desirable on some properties so that they can be used for additional storage. One of the worst things to happen in your trusted storage outhouse would be for the roof to fail and the items stored inside to be ruined. This is where fibreglass roofing comes in. Much like its beneficial uses on a shed, fibreglass roofing would provide a weather proof layer to your outhouse that would ensure that anything inside is untouched by outside conditions. Fibreglass roofing is also not prone to leaks, which means your outhouse storage facility will remain safe and secure.

Summerhouse roofing

As previously stated, fibreglass roofing is a great solution to your roofing needs on all your out of house properties, such as sheds, out houses and summer houses. This is due to its weather proofing and security properties. Summerhouses are a great addition to any property as they are an inside space that can be particularly enjoyed in the warmer conditions. However, some roofing materials make house buildings unbearably hot in the summer months due to their lack of breathability. Fibre glass roofing is an exception to this – fibreglass roofing would ensure that your summer house stayed cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, making it the ideal roofing solution.

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Fibreglass roofing has many beneficial properties and is raved about by tradespeople across the UK, both due to their experiences installing it and the reviews by their own customers. Despite its initial expense, fibreglass roofing has proved to be cost effective in the long run and suitable for a variety of roofing structures, making it the ideal roofing material for any aspect of your home.