Most people find moving house to be an incredibly stressful process. For most people, it all starts with finding a new place. Locating a suitable rental in the right area can be tough, and of course, buying a house is a whole other kettle of fish! The house prices are through the roof right now, and your stress levels likely are too. Take a deep breath and find out how to cope with the stress of moving house – turn moving from a chore into a breeze!

Mindset is Everything

Your mindset going into a house move will dramatically affect how difficult you find it. Think about it, if you go into a new job already knowing that it’s going to suck, then it probably will. Moving house is exactly the same – if you’re dreading it, it’s not going to be a fun process.

It is possible to change your mindset about moving house. Heading to a new home and new area is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, live in a better neighbourhood, and set up your house the way you want to. It’s a fresh start with limitless possibilities for you and your family. Focusing on that is an excellent first step to destressing.

Visit Your New Town or Neighbourhood

If you are feeling anxious about heading off to lands unknown, a visit to your new area can help to smooth the transition. Hopefully, your new house is within driving distance, so that you can go and visit your new neighbourhood. Walk around and get to know the streets, and maybe even find your favourite new coffee shop. Just knowing where you’ll be arriving when you move can make you feel a lot calmer and less anxious. You’ll be turning the unknown into the familiar.

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If you have children, bring them with you! This may not seem super relaxing, but it will also make them less anxious, making moving day easier for you.

Get Prepared in Advance

The more prepared you are for your impending house move, the more relaxed you will feel about it all. The first thing to do is set a moving date, which will likely be based on the date your new tenancy starts or when your home ownership begins at the new property. Once you have a moving date, you can take time off work if you need to for the week leading up to the move, giving you plenty of time to get ready.

As soon as you know your moving date, book professional moving services to complete the move. Don’t try to do it yourself – this is a sure-fire way to damage possessions and make moving day super-stressful. Leave it in the hands of the experts so that on the day, you can just head over to your new home and chill out while they lug the heavy furniture around for you.

Make Packing Easy

One of the tasks that people most dislike about moving is packing up their house. It’s time consuming, difficult, and complicated. You can’t just chuck everything in a box and hope for the best – you need to properly pack and wrap precious or breakable items to prevent them from damage. You’ll also need a good labelling system, so you know what you’re unpacking at the other end.

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Did you know that many professional house movers will actually do your packing for you? Hand over this strenuous task to the experts, and you’ll be surprised by how much easier it feels to move house.

Forget the End of Lease Clean

There’s nothing worse than emptying out your old place and getting ready to go to your new home, and then remembering that you need to spend hours cleaning. Most landlords or new homeowners have high expectations for how clean you will leave your old home. However, you don’t want to stay behind and clean for days on end; you just want to get to your new place!

EasyMove offers end of lease cleaning services that you can book in when you book your movers. Decide now that you don’t need the stress of cleaning on one of the biggest days of your life and book it in, so you don’t even have to think about it!

Say Goodbye

If you’re moving interstate, this can be a huge life change. It’s crucial that you make time to say goodbye to the people you aren’t going to see as often anymore. Plan a goodbye dinner with your closest friends to say goodbye and make plans to call or Facetime each other. If you don’t plan these events in advance, you can find that you get too busy during the week of your move, and you don’t want to leave feeling guilty for not saying goodbye to everyone.

Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbours

On moving day, make an effort to go and introduce yourself to your neighbours. We all know that it’s the unknown that can make things stressful. By getting to know your neighbours, you may find new friends in your area or at least a familiar face to say hello to when collecting the mail. This can help you to settle in and feel like you’re at home in your new place sooner.


Don’t Procrastinate the Unpacking

No one likes the unpacking phase of moving, but the sooner you get it done, the sooner you can relax. Any house move is not really over until the last box is unpacked. Just take it one room at a time, starting with the things you will need first. Unpack the children’s rooms and your bedroom first so that you all have a place to sleep and access to fresh clothes in the morning. This will give you a good start on your first full day in the new house.

Choose a reliable moving company like EasyMove to melt away the stress of moving. If you let them take on the packing, cleaning, and lifting, this takes a lot of pressure off you so you can unwind and enjoy the big day!

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