In what style would you like your ideal home to be? It’s got solar panels on it, right? Does greenery surround us? Awash in the light? Location, location, location. Mobile homes or eco-friendly homes are possibilities. Besides Metal Building Homes and wood, our homes are much more than that. They provide a sense of belonging, a place where we may rest, assemble, and create memories with our loved ones. Over the past few months, we’ve been spending more time thinking about our home and how it can reflect our core values. Since we are concerned about our environmental impact, we want a home that allows us to live more simply, but is also a location where we can relax. Climate change affects the entire world. To combat climate change, governments and individuals are taking the challenge of building eco-friendly homes more seriously.

In the last decade, eco-friendly products have become increasingly popular as consumers try to be nicer to the environment and their wallets. Environmentally friendly and sustainable homes are called green homes. There’s also a strong emphasis on maximizing “energy, water, and building materials” efficiency. Homes with green features are becoming more frequent as low-cost green housing becomes more prevalent.

As we look forward to the future, we are inspired by these 7Eco Friendly Homes with Dreamy Interiors You’ll Want to Hide Away In Forever.

1. Altius Architecture’s Eco-Friendly Retreat in Ontario

The Cliff House project was completed in 2009 by the Toronto-based firm Altius Architecture. In Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada, the cottage has a floor area of 3,200 square feet. It has a green roof, photovoltaic panels, and a hybrid wood/solar radiant heating system. They add Metal Carports to park their vehicle. Due to their strong commitment to sustainability, the owners needed to live lightly on the property. It was essential to build an utterly off-grid dwelling as a refuge from urban life to be completely self-sufficient and independent from external infrastructure. For the remaining energy needs, a two-tiered approach is used to take advantage of passive tactics that reduce energy loads and improve comfort, as well as active measures that offer sufficient power. Here, energy-efficient design is employed to enhance the building’s integration with its surroundings for the enjoyment of its owners, rather than separating it from it.

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2. Design by Gordon Weima for Ottawa House Addition

An elegant and comfortable residential complex in Ottawa, Canada called House Addition. A team of architects and interior designers working with Gordon Weima completed the project in early 2016. In addition to being pleasantly spacious for a city home, this property manages to strike the perfect balance between comfort and modernity in its decor.

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3. Designs Northwest Architects’ Thomas Eco-House

As part of its work on the Thomas Eco-House, Stanwood-based Designs Northwest Architects has finished the design and construction. In the Cascade foothills of Stanwood, Washington, USA, this contemporary residence lies on an 11-acre property. Early on, the client expressed an interest in energy efficiency and low-maintenance, low-cost design. Those goals were at the forefront of the design process. Using insulated concrete form (ICF) construction, the concrete is poured between two rigid insulation layers. To create an airtight and energy-efficient wall system, insulation is used both inside and outside of the building. A wood-frame building of the same size would demand 44 percent more heating energy and 33 percent more cooling energy. In addition, the ICF makes it easier to apply stucco directly on top of the outside insulation. A durable, low-maintenance finish is the result of this.

The house uses a geothermal heat pump and a hydronic heating system to increase efficiency in heating and cooling. Using air from an underground chamber, the heat pump can operate at a more steady temperature because of the earth’s insulating characteristics. For example, geothermal heat pumps can save as much as 45% of a conventional heat pump that uses ambient air. In addition to the heat pump, a high-efficiency boiler provides warm water through an underground piping system. On average, hydronic heating systems utilize fewer resources than forced air systems. Because of economic constraints, the house is also connected to collect energy from solar panels and wind turbines.

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4. From CG architects comes the Eco-Friendly CrossBox Home

Eco-friendly prefabricated single-family dwelling (1,120 sq.ft.) designed by Clément Gillet Architects in Pont Péan, France. The house was constructed by repurposing existing shipping containers and converting them into livable spaces for people.

Four 40′ shipping containers were used to construct a three-dimensional modular and industrialized dwelling prototype. A low-cost architect’s dwelling with a strong focus on environmental issues is the goal of this project. Using an industrial strategy reduces the time it takes to construct a building because the prices are dropping. On the first floor, there are three bedrooms and a living area. An entrance and a carport are created by crossing the two boxes.”

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5. N.L.E.A. by SHH

This eco-friendly two-story apartment in North London was created by London-based studio SHH.

Eco House won the International Design & Architecture Awards 2010 for a couple with two small children.

Architectural firm: “A new-build £1.1 million houses in North London for private clients that goes beyond the regulatory requirements for green and energy-saving technologies in new build buildings to exemplify the best of elegant, eco-friendly contemporary housing solutions.” Included in the project were solar panels to heat water, a geothermal heat pump with boreholes, includes earth-based heating and cooling system, rainwater harvesting for irrigation and toilet flushing, and a cedar terrace deck with sedum plantings around the perimeter. In order to satisfy the particular needs of two little children, a new home was built from scratch.

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6. Arizona’s Energy-Efficient Modern Home

This two-story, 5,981-square-foot home in Phoenix, Arizona, was listed for sale in 2011 for $2.2 million and is located in the Alta Vista Park neighborhood. Construction of the four-bedroom, four-bathroom house began in 2005.

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7. A 3D rendering of the Eco-Golf House by Studio Aiko

Many Hilsenrad founded Studio Aiko, which specializes in CG content and visual effects. Do Architecture developed the Eco-Golf House in 2010.

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