So you’ve just moved into a brand new home and put on your home-improvement hat, of course. Creating a garden that is not only beautiful but optimizes your outdoor experience in your new home will drastically affect your day-to-day life and quality of life in your new location.

Here are ways to set up a gardening area at your new home and create a proper outdoor experience for you and your loved ones.

Decide what’s growing

Creating a garden area simply for aesthetics is a great place to start, but if you have a bit of a green thumb, going a little further and deciding if you would like to have at least an herb garden or a “full-on” garden full of produce and vegetables will drastically affect how you’re going to approach your set-up.

If you are looking to have a garden that also offers some herbs, vegetables, or fruit, the easiest of the three is an herb garden. Lining your porch with some herbs is both classy, fragrant, and offers a great experience for you while you’re cooking. You can find a lot of herb garden boxes and kits both online and at retail stores.

When it comes to deciding on actual vegetation, location affects this and is something to take into consideration. For instance, if you just settled down in a home in Tampa, definitely go for that mango or avocado tree! Or a citrus tree, for that matter. These trees are both not only perfect for Florida but also offer a lot of beauty to your back (or front) yard.

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Consider inlets and creating separate areas

Part of setting up a garden in your new home has a lot to do with the actual placement of what is in the garden. You can split up a backyard into inlets and areas of leisure and recluse based on how you place certain things in the yard itself. One big open space will lend itself well to anything and lots of play room for kids and a dog (or dogs), but creating a couple areas in the corners that are lined with one large tree and some smaller bushes and features patio furniture or a hammock can go a long way towards setting up a garden area that you can truly relish in and enjoy.

Grab the color wheel

Even if you were always snoozing through art class, it isn’t too late to familiarize yourself a bit with the color wheel and use it to your advantage when you’re setting up your new gardening area.

Context is key (and king) when it comes to pairing colors together, so before you start planting anything colorful, consider the colors that are already in your yard. These are going to be the color of your fence (if you have one) the actual color of your house (or colors of your house) and of course, the green grass (if you have that – and if you don’t – definitely get that addressed along with your gardening).

Complementary colors are what you want to be paying attention to with the color wheel. Adding white, also, is a nice touch. Picking a color that compliments the color of the main paint job on your house is a great starting point and a good thing to fall back on when you’re not sure about what color to pick out for a certain flower. You can’t go wrong with complementary colors.

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Setting up a gardening area at your new home is exciting but also requires a bit of decision making. Using these few tips for setting up a successful, functional, and experience-rich gardening area will help make that new beautiful garden you want in your new home to truly come to life.