It is a well-understood fact that the project of house improvement and remodeling only tends to look exciting when you watch it on the TV shows. There is a big difference when you yourself have to undergo the process, apart from the fact that you will not be getting any prize money at the end of it.

Remodeling an old house is not always rainbows and butterflies. If you are remodeling your house for the very first time, below are some of the things that no one ought to tell you about this challenging time.

1: You Will Be Spending More Money Than You Thought

Just imagine yourself making a trip to the Bahamas, similarly, you will end up spending more than you have imagined when you take up the process of revamping the house. In spite of fact that you have tried a lot to stay on budget, you are bound to run into unanticipated expenses.

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This may be the sole reason that you need to increase your expected budget to approximately 20 – 30 %, for the little extras that you hadn’t considered.

2: Staying On-site During Remodeling Tends To Get Rougher

You are in for a surprise if you have planned to stay on-site while the house revamping is going down. There will be many times that you will be living in the house without water.

Undertaking the house improvement project while you opt to stay in the house is something not for the faint-hearted. The vibes of sleeping bags and warm campfires will quickly fade. It is highly suggested that you ask around your friends and family members for accommodation while the renovation takes place.

3: Revamping The House Will Totally Consume You

After becoming parents for the first time, all you would think about is your baby. Well, bad news for you. Renovating the house will completely consume you and you will soon become the bane of your very own existence.

4: Renovating The House With Little Kids Multiplies The Complexity

Do you think renovating the house is difficult? Living on site during the remodeling of the house is nothing compared to the idea of remodeling the house with little kids running around the house.

5: Sometimes You Will Have No Clue What Is Going Around (For DIY Venture)

If this is your first time remodeling the house, you are bound to get confused somewhere during the process. At times you would simply wish to have hired a general contractual worker for this daunting venture.

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6: The General Contractors Won’t Be On-Site Everyday

Keep this thing in mind that remodeling the house can be the biggest deal to you, but to be honest, for your general contractual worker, it is just another day at the job. In order to expand his business, he needs to have multiple jobs going on and for this reason, he might not be on-site every day.

All you need to do is, do not break the communication gap and stay on top of them so that you know when they are going to be in your home.

7: Your Home Will Not Be Comfortable To Live In At First

You will definitely start to miss the old house after the renovation, this is simply because you are not yet familiar with the new surrounding of the house.

It will take you some time to adjust to the new look of the house.

8: You Might Be Living In An Empty House For A While

What’s more daunting than wanting to enjoy a leisurely afternoon in your TV lounge while sitting on your leather sofa just because you do not have one? Well, after remodeling the house will be replacing the old furniture with the new ones so that they complement the interior décor of the house.

This might take a few days or weeks, so till that time get ready to enjoy the emptied house.

9: Be Prepared For Bug Issues

This is purely dependent on the area you live in. You might wake up to cockroaches crawling up your arm. Trust me, it is very traumatizing.

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10: Risking Your Safety By Hiring Cheap Contractor

You might be thinking that hiring the contractors that offer to remodel the house in awfully fewer rates might be the best choice for you. However, this is not even close to being true. Hiring inexperienced and cheap contractual worker might end up damaging the house more than you could imagine.

11: Starting To Remodel The House Without All The Things Needed

Before you choose to start hammering down the walls of your living room or the bathroom, make sure that you have all the components beforehand. You would not like to make trips every now and then to the hardware store.

12: Don’t Get Excited About The Remodeling Project Before Determining The Specifics

Now that you have seen a beautiful kitchen in some of the magazines and want to get the same look for your own kitchen, just make sure before starting the remodeling you are well equipped with all the specifics beforehand.

13: Your Dream Remodeling Project Is Possible

For you, the house remodeling may start to look dismal if the time is taken, total cost and the resources are unknown. It is suggested before you table down the idea of not doing the renovation, it is better than you do your research ahead of time.

14: Weekend Remodeling Will Not Take Only A Week 

If you have seen some of the house remodeling venture taking only 2 – 3 days to complete, keep this thing in mind that there is a lot of labor working behind the scenes. It could take up to weeks for a high-end bathroom remodeling venture.

15: Enlisting Friends And Family Is A Good Idea

It is highly discouraged if you opt to enlist your friends and family members that do not have experience in remodeling projects.

16: Becoming A Jack Of All Trades

Never try to become the jack of all trades when remodeling the house, it is better to set aside your ego for once and hire professional contractual workers.

17: Using Fragile Material Just Because They Look Good

Simple as it can be, looks can be deceiving, just make sure that you always choose sturdy material.

18: Buying More Cheap Appliances

We all are aware of the fact that kitchen renovation can be a bit pricy. But this doesn’t imply that you ought to buy cheap appliances.

19: Do Not Ignore The Workflow

If you do not have a well-organized working plan, you simply won’t be getting most out of your remodeling venture.

20: Ignoring Professional’s Help Just To Save Money

This is especially true for the DIY fanatics, always remember that professional advice is always helpful.