Timeless design is all about creating a space with the intention that it will never go out of style. Homeowners realize that traditional design can stay fresh and current when they use imaginative and new ideas to create a classic design. Your home is your sanctuary.

When you buy a home, you want to get the essence of the type of home that you want. The best way to do so is by simply finding a design you like and then trying to implement it in your home.

The Meaning of a Timeless Home

To make your home timeless is about creating a classic, clean and sophisticated space. It will never go out of style because it is so timeless. The end goal that you should want is for your home style to be looked at as eternal.

When people think of the word timeless, they may believe that it is simply an outdated term, but it has a lot of relevance when designing a home. When you want to create your home in a way that makes it timeless, you want to ensure that every design element is distinct from others. You want every feature to complement and accentuate one another.

8 Unique Ways to Accomplish a Timeless Home

1. Use a Pre-eminent Color Combination

In a timeless design, you want to ensure that your home design will stay fresh and current for many years. One way to do so is by using a pre-eminent color combination.

2. Choose Durable Exterior Colors

The exterior of your home serves the purpose of attraction to observers. You can choose navy blue or gray as the majority color, with white or green as an accent color.

3. Use Neutral Decorating Elements

The home design that you want to create is a reflection of your personality. You should select decorating elements that are neutral.

4. Use Classic Furniture

Your home will stay fresh and current for many years, so your furniture should too. Classic furnishings will not go out of fashion in a brief period, especially if they are from the same era as your house.

5. Use Nature-Inspired Decor

To create a timeless design, use nature-inspired decor. It is a simple route one can take to be timeless. The natural elements in your home will always stay in style, and you do not have to worry about replacing them in a brief period.

6. Use Quality Furniture

Quality furniture is essential when creating a timeless and elegant interior design. A reclaimed wood furniture is an excellent option because it can acquire a beautiful patina. It goes hand-in-hand with the overall idea of being timeless.

7. Use Classic Color Palettes

To create a timeless home design, know what colors work for your personality and follow them so that you will use them for many years to come. You can choose navy blue, gray, and white as the dominating colors, with green as an accent color in your home design.

8. Use Farmhouse-Style Decor

The farmhouse style is a timeless home design that you can try when creating a classic look for your house. You will find that farmhouse decor is clean, simple, and classic. In your home design, you can choose to use classics such as a couch with soft fabric upholstery, wooden dining tables, and antique furnishings.

Other Changes That Can Be Made to Your Home to Make it Stand Out

  • Use Full-Height Storage

If you want to create a timeless design for your home, you can use whole-height storage for the items you keep. It will not only provide more space but also give a more sleek and organized design.

  • Use Marble or Stone On Your Floor

The room’s flooring is one area where you will have to make some changes to make it timeless if this is one of the areas where a lot of foot traffic enters, then marble or stone tiles are going to be something that should be considered.

  • Use Warm Tones

The best way to make your home timeless is by using a warm-tone palette. Warm tones are timeless, and they do not get dated very quickly, mainly if they are used in the right area of the home. The living room may be the best place for them because it is a room where you will entertain people, and they want a cozy and welcoming space.

What to Avoid That Can Depreciate the Value of Your Home

  • Make Sure to Avoid Trendy Colors

Trendy colors are not timeless. If you want your home to stand the test of time, try to avoid stylish colors. Modern colors can make your house look dated very quickly. If you want to use a bold color, make sure it is an accent color in your design scheme.

  • Be Wary of Outdated Furniture

If you are looking for timeless design, one of the ways that you can do this with furniture is by making sure that it is not outdated and out of style. It will ensure that your home never looks dated and funky.

  • Use Furniture Made of Natural Materials

Timeless design means that you want your home to remain consistent so that it will not look dated, but you also want your home to be environmentally friendly. One way to do this is by including natural materials within your living quarters. This could be small wood or stone items or even larger pieces like furniture.

  • Avoid Large Mirrors

In a timeless design, you definitely want to veer away from having too many mirrors or else your house may end up looking like one huge disco ball. Most likely you would desire to see your home from one side, and it will be best if you do not create a disco atmosphere in your home with large mirrors.

The purpose of creating timeless design is to ensure that your home design will not be outdated and funky. The critical elements of timeless design are: maintaining a neutral color scheme, using quality furniture, using classic decorating components, and using nature-inspired decor. When you use timeless design for your home, you will want to ensure that it will be updated to look like a well-designed home in your neighborhood.

Written by Taylor McKnight, Author for Created Hardwood