With the cost of living rising and the price of nearly everything increasing, decorating our homes to a high-quality standard is starting to feel near impossible. Whether you are a new homeowner beginning your decorating, or you have had the same home interior for years and are hoping to achieve a luxury, minimalist look, there are some secret tips and tricks that have been shared by interior designers that can give your home a new life, on half the budget! No one wants to spend hundreds on giving your home a fresh look and paying an overpriced professional to do all the work for you. These tips and tricks we will share today will include the minimum spend for the maximum change, and making your home look like an interior designer’s heaven is not a bad look either!

What Is Luxury Minimalism

Hopefully, if you have clicked on this article, you already have a basic understanding of minimalism and its luxurious climb to popularity in the last few years. Minimalism is not necessarily about your home looking bare, but it focuses its attention more on individual centerpieces of the room that contribute to the space and elegant atmosphere being created. The luxury element usually is introduced through the few high-quality pieces that are featured in the room, but you don’t have to break the bank to find the center points for your aesthetic, minimalist room.

Relaxing Colour Pallets

The basis for any minimalist room revamp is to allow yourself to have a blank slate. There is no better way to achieve this and give yourself the foundation for designs than to start by painting your walls with natural, tonal shades. Keeping the budgets in mind, you are going to want to grab a painting kit, watch an informative youtube video and get to work. The best shades for this look are off-white, beige, tan browns, and just general natural earthy tones that don’t look too harsh, but rather are gentle and comforting to look at.

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Buy Furniture Second Hand

Purchasing furniture has never been more expensive, and if you are hoping to give your home some new life through the use of your furniture there are a few options you might consider. Following up on the wall painting, if you have wooden furniture you may be able to add a fresh coat of paint to tie into the new wall paint. On the other hand, currently, there are hundreds of new online marketplaces where people are selling their new and used furniture. It may just be a case of browsing the web at various furniture marketplaces to find the perfect pieces. Often, there are some really valuable pieces that simply just need a good cleaning. Realistically if you were spending the same price on new, low-cost furniture you will end up needing to replace the item due to faults, whereas buying good quality used pieces that were created for double, sometimes triple the price there is a lot more life in these items. Browse cautiously and never send money for an item you have not seen and assessed in person.

Flower Arrangements

Flowers are a beautiful way to lift the mood in any room and depending on the arrangement, they can make a space feel tasteful and personalised to the home. Fresh flowers, of course, would be fresher and give off an enjoyable smell, however, they aren’t completely sustainable therefore we would recommend getting artificial arrangements depending on your budget. If you are going for artificial, invest in quality flowers that can be reused from season to season, and steer clear and plastic-looking plants that might make the space look tacky.

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Window Compliments

Making your windows and curtain features a focal point of the room is a common technique used by interior designers. Minimalism aims to create as much space in the room as possible to leave the illusion of a wider room to be appreciated. Using some luxurious curtains that fit the length from the ceiling to the ground will elongate the height of the room, giving your space that contemporary, open feeling. This will not come cheap if you are outsourcing the work, but getting a friend or family member to raise the curtain railing, and finding some discounted floor-length curtains might just be the budgeted solution you need.

Wall Panelling

If you haven’t come across wall paneling in the last year, you may have been living under a rock. Wall paneling is the new luxury design trend that has resurfaced from being decades old, but now it is back and is looking more elegant than ever. Adding paneling is essential for any luxury, minimalist home but if you are wanting to save on your budget, you are going to have to sacrifice a chunk of time. It can seem like a complicated process, but learning how to create paneling in your own home can be an investment into the future of your home and other DIY ventures.

Lighting Features

If you are looking for lighting trends you can do at home, there are many ways you might integrate the lighting into your home to fit the minimal aesthetic. In recent years we have seen a surge in the use of LED lighting features. They can be placed in any part of the home such as along the stairs, within the kitchen and its cabinets, and even under the bed to allude to a floating bed look. LED lighting is a complete luxury, and you don’t even have to splash out too much cash to get it right. Many LED lighting outlets provide battery or plug-in lighting features for your home. One thing to keep in mind is minimalism tends to follow quite dim and comforting lighting, so keeping the hues warm and adjustable is one thing to keep in mind before shopping.

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Minimalist Wall Art

Wall art is yet another decor feature that is underestimated in terms of how it can bring a room together. Wall art can also be the statement piece of a minimalist room if your room follows a neutral colour scheme, and you introduce your pops of colours within the wall art you choose. Of course, the common luxury colour association is gold and silver, however, I would recommend keeping it earthy with the earthy green art shades and also perhaps chestnut browns as we head into the fall seasons.

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