In dire need of reliable movers and you have already typed “local movers near me” online for more times than you can remember? Perhaps you are a seasoned mover who would not want another stressful experience. Maybe you decided to switch careers and your new boss gave you a tight schedule to relocate. You either hire a professional and meet the deadline or you will forfeit your new job. Yikes.

Perhaps you found your dream home and you want to secure the place before someone else does. Unfortunately, sometimes moving to a new place is not about new adventures. You may be moving near a family member who is sick to help them cope with illness. One thing is for sure, when time is of the essence, you have to think beyond financial costs. If you are carefully strategic about your move, you can do it quickly without breaking the bank.

In times like these, choosing to work with professional moving companies with movers who have undergone proper training can be more cost-effective and will benefit you in the long run. Depending on which company from the list of local moving companies or national moving companies you hire, experienced movers can simply make the relocation experience easier and faster.

The top 5 reasons to hire professional movers are: convenience, save time, have a stress-free move, benefit from their expertise, and access to necessary equipment.

Why do people hire moving companies?

Since moving entails a lot of changes, it is a stressful experience. Understand that if you are moving with your family members or with kids in tow, this means your relocation to your new destination is more or less scheduled to ensure that they also get to their new job or new school faster. Each and everyone in the group has to meet expectations and the best way to avoid disappointment is by meticulously planning the moving process. You also have to prepare for the unexpected when you are moving on short notice especially if you are moving to a place where the climate is different.

The top reasons to hire professional movers are:

  • Convenience

Of course, if you can afford to outsource the tedious tasks that moving entails and money is not a concern, it would be an easy decision to avoid doing them by yourself. In a way, when you hire professional movers, you get to multiply yourself and distribute errands that do not require your focus. Ask professionals who can expertly pack your belongings with safety and generous bubble wrap so it can arrive at your new home in one piece.

  • Save time

Hours spent packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading can easily add up. Hours which you could have used for more important things and appointments. If you hire professional movers, it is expected that they can do the tasks faster than you can and they already have a system to ensure that you will not have to undergo multiple trips. If you have a strict schedule and need to get to your new destination fast, work with professionals who can give you quality service.

  • Have a stress free move

Taking away overwhelming tasks from your plate can provide the breathing room you need. We understand that you also need to adjust emotionally and mentally in your new environment. Hiring movers can alleviate and lessen your stress.

  • Benefit from their expertise

From packing fragile items and wrapping irregularly shaped bulky items and large furniture, a professional team can help you efficiently pack all your items. Most movers are highly trained and experienced that they can easily assess if you need extra boxes for your belongings and know how to wrap these things so that items safely arrive in your new house. Packing for transporting can be quite tricky and anxiety-inducing. If you need to transport your grand piano which has been in your family for generations, hiring movers who are highly skilled in packing can spell the safety of your valuables and even pricey appliances.

  • Access to necessary equipment

If you are moving heavy boxes with fragile items, chances are, you either need moving dollies, trollies and sometimes, even a forklift to load and unload all your items. It would be impractical to buy this equipment since you will only use it for the relocation. Not to mention the prices which can easily skyrocket and storage you need to think about.

Why are packers and movers important?

Most people would attempt a DIY move especially when the budget is tight. What this strategy fails to see is that when you want to shorten the length of time for a project, you will need to increase the money you allot for it. Yes, moving is a project and it has a lot of parts. When you need an accurate estimate of how you can get from here to there quickly and efficiently on the scheduled moving date while keeping track of your boxes of furniture and belongings in transit, hire a professional.

Aside from heavy lifting, packing and handling precious breakable valuables, packers and movers can also offer assembling of furniture and deep cleaning your new apartment. When you have professional help, you can have time for more important concerns like finding the best restaurants in your new neighborhood or getting acquainted with the locals in your new state.

Why hiring professional movers from a local moving company can change the game?

Finding a professional moving company who can provide a degree of care that goes beyond their paid services is not easy. Efficient yet affordable local movers who can also lift large items and load heavy items for you on moving date and are trained to handle emergencies like snow storms or busted tires during the relocation, are hard to find.

When you find the local moving company that best fits your budget and needs, their services can make moving efficient and fast. You can concentrate on learning the ropes for your new job while they safely pack your belongings and furniture. You can get ready for your new office responsibilities. Additionally, this means you can have more time to bond with your family and explore your new city. Instead of an overwhelming relocation journey, hiring moving specialists can make it a memorable life experience.

What to look for when hiring a professional moving company?

If you are moving for the first time, the hardest part is knowing where to start. This should be addressed by hiring a professional mover. However, you would not want to rush into things and incur extra fees without first doing your research. If you are looking to engage professional movers for the first time, consider evaluating options using the following:

  • Affordability

While everyone would want to save up on costs, it is not as easy as looking for the cheapest rates available in the market. Affordability can mean different things for people from different economic brackets. When you have a lot of valuable items like antiques and expensive paintings, it may be more cost-effective to engage a professional mover instead of risking all your belongings on a trial-and-error basis.

  • Reliability

Another crucial factor is reliability. There is nothing worse than finding out there is no help coming on moving day. When you have already paid for moving services and no one shows up, it can be very frustrating. Check online and offline resources before engaging a moving company. Ask for recommendations from family and friends who have gone through the moving process.

  • Experience

Nothing beats real life experience. Ask your movers how they plan to handle the moving process and learn how they have handled problems encountered by previous customers.

  • Good customer review and testimonials

Word of mouth is a strong indicator not only of credibility and capability of a mover. Good reviews can show how they care about their customers and how they handled unexpected situations.

How to look for reputable moving companies?

Preparing for your move out, even if for a short distance move, should include thoroughly evaluating moving services not only based on your budget but also based on the quality you expect. Aside from planning and making a checklist of to-dos, use the following guide in finding professionals who can help you relocate safely to your new home.

1. Ask for the company’s training and experience

If a company has been in the business of relocation for years, you can expect that they have mastered the process or at least, they have a system to address the unexpected and even emergencies.

It is even better when the company has a budget for training for its movers. After all, excellent customer service does not happen by accident. It is fostered by making employees feel valued and motivated. It is sustained by providing avenues for improvement and training.

2. Research their ratings and reviews

While it is not a fool-proof guarantee that hiring a professional moving company with positive reviews will lead to a good moving experience, it can still help you choose which moving companies deliver good service. You can also learn invaluable insights and tips from past customer experience.

Word of mouth can be a starting place to base your evaluation on especially if this is your first time hiring a moving service. Check if the moving company has an accreditation from credible institutions in the moving, logistics and relocation industry.

3. Request to put everything on paper

One of the best ways to assess whether the moving company you are looking to hire is reliable is when they do not refuse a request to put everything on paper or sign a contract. Although before you sign anything, the presumption is you have done a thorough check of the service provider. If the information is not available on their website, ask them in detail regarding every service they will provide. This is how you will avoid surprise extra fees and spending more money than what you have anticipated.

A written agreement is still the best way to ensure that all the terms of the engagement are clear, and the responsibilities of the parties are understood. Do not skip a written contract especially if you will go through a long-distance move, you will be coming from an international location or if you have priceless valuables such as antiques or paintings.


Choose to engage a professional moving company for your next move. If done right, you can come across a company that values excellent customer service above all and still save money. Moving is a tremendous change for everyone involved. Make sure to free up time to bond with your family at home or get to know work colleagues. Focus on things that matter to you and ask for professional help for things that do not need your undivided attention. You can start your search with the Community Labor Partnership by calling (888) 314-5128. They offer good quality of services for your upcoming move.