Kitchens are special. It is that corner of the house that witnesses your little joys when you and your family come together and chat while preparing dishes after a long day or when the new recipe that you tried tastes sumptuous and also your pensive moods when you are lost in thoughts after a small argument in the morning with a loved one or a bad day at work.

Hence more than being one of the most functional parts of your house, your kitchen is an emotion where most people spend a considerable portion of the day. But a common feature of most of the modern-day real estate is a dearth of space as a result of which we have to work in tiny hearths.

This is especially true for the renters and most of us have to improvise to get our ideal functional space. The Pinterest ideas do help a lot in achieving the desirable kitchen for many but most of them involve ripping something in or something out which are not exactly renter-friendly ideas.

That is why here are some temporary hacks that you can embrace in order to achieve a small yet beautiful and functional hearth and which will enable you to get your entire security deposit back when the lease ends.

  1. Cutting Boards Over the Stove
    Small kitchens happen to throw challenges not only for storing things but also for cooking. In order to enhance the counterspace you can opt for a cutting board that can fit across double burners. If you do not use the stove all the time you can leave it there for most part of the day. If you need more surface area to work upon then you can easily bring it down. This will give you more space space and enhance your convenience for preparing your food.
  2. Organizers for the Cabinet Doors –
    Cabinet doors are underutilized portions of the kitchen. You can add small racks and hooks for the spices, utensils, condiments or basically anything. Modified cabinet doors provide convenient storage, easy access and a clutter-free ambience.
  3. A Utility Cart –
    A utility cart with little wheels can work wonders for your space issues. You can hide it inside a lesser-used closet or tuck it under a countertop when you need more floor space.
  4. Double Magnetic Holder for Knife
    This is a space-saving tweak that you can make up by purchasing a piece of wood and attaching double magnet bars to it. You can stick it to the wall and then keep the knives attached to it. This will free up a lot of space from your cutlery storage.
  5. Magnetic Spice Racks –
    Again magnet comes to the rescue! The sides of the cupboards and the refrigerators often are overlooked. But they provide superior storage options. A DIY magnetic rack will be great for managing the bottles of condiments and spices. This will not only solve the storage problems for you, but you can also have your spices and cooking ingredients within arm’s reach.  So, you don’t have to frequently open the cabinets or leave them messily on the worktops. You can simply mount them on sides of refrigerator or cabinet doors or attach them at the back of the racks and your kitchen is spick and span.
  6. Pegboard Storage –
    A pegboard can create a lot of damage to the wall as that of hanging the picture. But unlike that of a picture you can utilize the pegboard to create a massive array of storage for anything from utensils to pans and pots. You just have to spackle the holes before moving.
  7. Easy to Reach Trash Bags –
    Don’t forget the trash bags when you are thinking of small kitchen organization skills. These significant kitchen items can be quite a challenge to store. But there is a solution now. Most of us keep the trash bags on roll below the sink which can get cumbersome. That is why you can make your own with the help of wooden dowel and curtain rod brackets and simply place them below the sink so that you can easily reach for bags without any struggle.
  8. Vertical Shelving –
    This is one of the best hacks for small kitchens. All you need are a few feet on the wall and out up some vertical shelves. They will enhance your storage without taking up much space.
  9. Storing the Little Upper Cabinets –
    Sometimes we don’t care enough about how to manage the inside space of cabinets that are organized and utilized. Baskets in the cabinets will put up all the kitchen supplies. You don’t have to rummage to reach the back of the cabinets to find something out now. You can use Washi tapes to label them for enhancing your convenience further.
  10. Wine Crate Flipping –
    For instant shelving you can turn a wine crate or any other wooden box crate sidewise. You can put it up against the wall one at the end of the granite kitchen worktops and you will be able to achieve a stylish cabinet.
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The above are some of the DIY small kitchen ideas for renters that you can implement to make the most of the available space without causing any permanent damage to the kitchen so that you face no challenge in getting the security deposit back.